Prior to his departure to the prison, Cohen in New York said he hoped that the country would be up to his release, change and free will be of xenophobia, injustice and lies at the head of the state. He also stressed that he look forward to the day he could share the whole truth. “There is still much to tell about.”

In the past year, Cohen had on trial for several Offences, pleaded guilty to, among other things, because of a false testimony before the Congress, and for violations of laws on election campaign financing. In the Latter case, it was hush money payments, which had run Cohen in his own words in the order of Trump. In December, the Ex-lawyer was sentenced to three years ‘ imprisonment, which he took now.

Cohen, who has worked for more than a decade for Trump and is a Central figure in several Affairs to the President. He was often described as Trumps “sweeper” until it came to a rift between the two. Cohen turned away from Trump, and brought before the court and the U.S. Congress serious allegations against Trump.

at the end of February, Cohen had referred to at a public hearing in the house of representatives his former boss as a fraud and a racist and a year long pattern of lies described. Cohen accused Trump’s various Misdemeanours, partly moral, and partly of a legal kind.