Ex-head of the Moscow dome RCDS Drymanov, was sentenced to 12 years in prison

the Moscow city court sentenced the former head of a capital Central Board SK of the Russian Federation General Alexander Drymanov to 12 years of penal colony in the criminal case of two bribes.

Drymanov Also sentenced to a fine of 196 million rubles, stripped of the rank of General and medal for merits before Fatherland of II degree. He will not be able to hold positions in bodies of state power for seven years, reports RIA Novosti.

Alexander Drymanov, was arrested in July 2018. The defendants in the case are in addition to Drymanov, the former head of the SC of the Russian Federation for the Central district of Moscow Alexey Kramarenko and former head of management of own safety of investigative Committee Mikhail Maksimenko.

the Case was initiated after the shooting at the Moscow restaurant “Elements”. According to investigators, to high-ranking security officials asked the thief in law Shakro Young, who with the help of bribes tried to secure the release of their colleague Andrew Kochanova. Officers have received from the criminal authorities of a million dollars, which is then divided. Drymanov received of this amount one – fifth part of 200 thousand. The second episode was associated with obtaining Drymanov 9850 euros from his Deputy Denis nikandrova for your patronage.