Sila Sahin (33) and Samuel Radlinger (26) are now four. The Ex-“GZSZ”Star has brought his second child into the world. Together with her husband, Samuel Radlinger, the 33-Year-old her son, Elijah, came out last July to the world.

Only a year later, the famous Couple welcomed his second son in the family. Already on 26. June had come the child to the world, it is only now that the new mom posted a photo of the Händchens your small child on Instagram. Underneath she wrote: “Hey here we are! Finally the four of and totally happy.” With the Post you revealed the sex of the child. Because under the last name on the bracelet of the baby, a small medallion with male Symbol is located.

Sila Sahin was “permanent pregnant”

For the actress, the second pregnancy was very surprising, as they revealed a few months ago to “Gala”: “I have wondered that my baby belly, I Elijah had since the birth of my son six months ago, went away at all.” At the time, she was called “the duration of pregnant”.

Actually, Sahin thought that your second child could have come earlier, like you, I can’t sleep in an interview with RTL, discussed: “at night at all. We were walking a bit and I need to rest again and again. I have been having contractions. That’s why I had to cancel now everything.” (ds)