again and again, Jutta Ditfurth, with its belligerence for attention. Now, the author and Ex-Green from another side: In a Tweet you made your Coronavirus disease to the public and asked for donations. In the article it does not say: “I can do it without your help. The first week of the stomach flu, now 3. Day Covid19. Through Corona all the 15 Jobs up to June lost (lectures, readings).” To do this, you posted your account information.

The reactions were not long in coming. Ditfurth reaped compassion, but also malice. Now, you talked about this, what brought you to the call for donations for themselves.

“I’m in real Existenznot”

“I’m in real Existenznot,” said Ditfurth the “mirror”. The Ex-Green sitting for the voters Association Ökolinx in the Frankfurt city Parliament. This, however, is a community volunteer, she says. You get only an allowance of 1000 Euro per month. Your pension is so tiny that you could not live on it. The 68-Year-old said: “a Lot of people have the wrong idea about me and thinking I was in the Bundestag. Since I was never! I did not get any diets and have no pension entitlements.”

money for the website you have placed. “I decided early that I want to change as undogmatic Left the company, and regardless of established structures.” In front of their Twitter call, you’ve been trying to figure a sleepless night and then decided. The social media can be one of your most important tools, to deal with political criticism heard. “Now I ask just about solidarity,” says Ditfurth to the “mirror”.

Ditfurth reported, they suffer currently with a fever, coughing, stomach pain, headache, and body aches as well as diarrhea. Also your sense of taste is two days away.

“order Some in my name porn or luxury cars”

In the Wake of their call for Donations you expect, now with a few thousand euros, the come together. “My call has triggered a giant wave, the majority of a Love Storm, but also, unfortunately, a Hate Storm. I will not get often hate mails, but this wave of hatred has even surprised me.” Some sent her Paypal claims for alleged orders. “Or order in my name porn or luxury cars. That is deleted with a few clicks,” says Ditfurth.

But there are also positive sides: “I like The most is that to me now very many people write about how much my books mean.”

read all the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Ditfurth still causes a stir. After a dispute with the Ex-Green of the CDU had left politician Wolfgang Bosbach in July 2017, the ARD-show “maischberger” in front of the cameras. “I don’t have to participate,” said Bosbach at that time. Virologist Kekulé explained in Lanz’s new strategy in the next Phase of the corona crisis, FOCUS Online/Wochit virologist, Kekulé explained in Lanz’s new strategy in the next Phase of the corona crisis