Leebo Freeman (30) misses his daughter. The Ex-boyfriend of Bonnie Strange (32) accuses the Influencerin, to deprive him of the small Goldie (1). The fronts between the two Ex-partners are not hardened, because the relationship between the male model and Instagram Star ended bitter: Freeman is said to have cheated on Bonnie Strange, as she was in the ninth month with their daughter pregnant.

” – you’ll have a bunch of gifts,”

waiting For half a year, he has not seen his child apparently. In the case of Instagram, he writes to a photo of the Little ones: “To you a bunch of gifts for Christmas, Easter wait, your birthday. Your grandmother can’t wait to meet you. It is destroyed on the ground, to have your first year missed, but loves you. Your great-grandmother has built a fairy garden and can’t wait for you Play watch. Your uncle can’t wait to hold you and make you Laugh.”

armed to Insta-pictures-of-daughter

Bonnie Strange not commented on this so far. You showed a few months ago, upset because her Ex shared pictures of Goldie, to see where your face is. For the Influencerin, which shows your daughter never with a face, a No-Go. To post “against my will, and without consultation, photos of the face of my daughter, is selfish and wrong,” she said. Already at the birth of the girl, Freeman was not allowed to be there. After that, he announced to want for his daughter to fight. This fight lasts, obviously, still.

Bonnie Strange has now found with the “The Voice of Germany”-singer Boris Alexander stone (29) and her new love happiness, and lives with her boyfriend and their daughter on the island of Ibiza. (kad)