Ex-member of Parliament David Zhvaniya said that in 2012-2013, the future President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko asked the then head of state Viktor Yanukovych “blessing” to run for mayor of Kiev. About it writes “Strenia”.

“In 2012-2013, prior to the Maidan, Petro Poroshenko really wants to become mayor of Kiev. And not just wanted, he tried to obtain the blessing from Viktor Yanukovych,” — said Zhvania. Poroshenko wanted Yanukovych appointed him the head of the Kyiv city state administration, and then allowed to participate in elections, says ex-MP.

According to him, Poroshenko spoke with the President’s inner circle, “humbly sat in reception” the head of presidential administration Sergey Levochkin and the Secretary of SNBO Andrey Klyuev, “promised to be a faithful soldier of Yanukovych,” — “if only he gave Kiev”.

The former MP says that he helped Poroshenko to negotiate with people from the leadership of the “Party of regions”, which the future President of Ukraine promised “bribe for assistance”. However, failed to agree. Yanukovych did not trust Poroshenko. He “held a grudge and waited for his chance”, which fell to him in November 2013 with the beginning of Euromaidan.

Earlier, Zhvania said that Poroshenko being in power, stolen and brought in offshore $ 3 billion. And in 2014, a senior European official was handed a bribe in the amount of five million Euro for the EU support of the candidacy of Poroshenko in the presidential election.