In the legendary luxury house, where lives the ex-defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov with his sister, and once he served his house arrest his girlfriend Evgenia Vasilyeva, again broke out communal war. At this time, TSZH “Milk-6” chaired by former Minister of defense in court trying to get… access to the apartment of his only neighbors, a famous plastic surgeon, Professor Alexander Teplyashina and his wife, equally well-known cosmetologist. The reason: leaks to the sister eks-Minister Galina Pustovoy.

the Municipal war within the luxury apartments known far beyond the “Golden mile”: in 2018, we first wrote about squabbles VIP-tenants because of rent, condition of the house and “smelling life” (from the apartments of former defense Minister was distributed to food odors). After this, the two rival families threw each other various lawsuits and claims. And continue to sue until now.

don’t have time to open up the courts after the pandemic, as in the Dorogomilovsky district court received a lawsuit from the homeowners of luxury homes. At this time, homeowners have encroached on the Holy of holies in the abode of the family Teplyashina has an open terrace. The fact that the recognition of the doctor, besides the fact that the apartment, one of the key advantages for buying the apartment was the terrace. A new round in the difficult relationship of the residents club building began leaking in the apartment No. 7, which belongs to the sister of former Minister Galina Pustovoy. In its lawsuit, the representative of the HOA said that over the past three months (February, may, and June) on one of the interior walls – a wall adjacent to the outdoor terrace of the apartment of the doctors are formed “water damage”. According to the plaintiff, to eliminate leaks need access to the outside wall and rain gutter passing through this wall. Getting there is supposedly only possible through the open terrace, which is a summer room of the apartment No. 5 (Teplyashina and his wife). But despite numerous requests, access to the terrace with an area of 12.5 square meters allegedly was not provided. Moreover, the lawsuit States that an additional barrier is a wardrobe built into the floor and the wall adjacent to the apartment Pustovoy.

However, according to the surgeon, the terrace, though operated by his family, but is a communal metering area and to get to it is not necessary to have access to his apartment or his permission.

– Rich, and are trying everywhere to gain, dump the fixation on the shoulders of the neighbor. Here I tried to pin replacement of sewer pipes – 290 thousand rubles, only because it is located above my garage. But it’s our shared communications and in such cases there is a Fund of capital reMontt. As for the terraces, there is a separate door from the stairwell and any resident of the house or person subordinate to him can get in. Once their experts got there, took all the photos for the expertise they provided to the court?

according to Alexander Teplyashina, neither he nor his family never put any obstacles, on the contrary, they are willing to assist in such matters to the neighbors. He denies that to them several times referred, homeowners ‘ representatives with requests to give them access to the terrace.

once, in late June called the commandant. I told him – please, but no one came. I’ll tell you more, our apartments do not overlap – between the closest walls of the Elevator lobby about 30 meters. Galina Puzikova I’ve ever seen. Wardrobe, about which they write – it’s one name. And why do they think that it is our furniture? He left from previous tenants. Let me remind you, in this house were many distinguished people, including the Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev. I think that this lawsuit is another attempt to cause us difficulty.

Along with the claim the representative of the HOA attached to an independent review, commissioned by Galina Pustovoy, which is recommended to carry out the instrumental examination of the wall with autopsies in which there is a need of access from the terrace.

Here’s how commented on the claim representative Alexander Teplyashina Marina Kiseleva:

– the HOA filed a pointless lawsuit – first partnership is improper plaintiff, because all of the claims in Pustovoy, and secondly, an examination shows that the employees of the HOA and experts freely inspected the property. We have prepared a comprehensive answer and I look forward to the process.

the First meeting (interview) scheduled for July 15.