He was himself a “crime scene”investigators, and we know how it feels when you have to stop: of The Grisons, Andrea Zogg (61) prophesied to his old school colleague, Stefan Gubser (62), which closes tomorrow, Sunday (SRF 1, 20.05 PM) his service, rosy times. The role as a gnarled Sergeant Reto Carlucci in the Bernese “the scene of the crime”, played by Zogg from 1990, three times, have brought him luck. “Shortly thereafter, Xavier Koller called me and gave me a role in his Oscar-winning Film “journey of hope”.” Many Engagements followed. Today, Zogg is one of the few women who can make a living from acting pleasant.

Zogg and Gubser are goers Year and old school colleagues. They played in boarding school in Schiers GR theatre together. “As we had once celebrated an appearance in the municipal theatre in Chur, with Handke’s “publikumsbeschimpfung” and our success boozy, we decided to return to the boarding school that we wanted to be an actor,” recalls the Grisons Mime.

Both were TV investigators

Gubser was later to smart Eurocop, Zogg blossomed into a primordial “Swiss Schimanski” – his trademark was the leather jacket. “We were both investigators. On Sunday, we can say: “We have been both of them,”” says Zogg with Schalk.

In Gubsers farewell”scene of the crime” are the old friends together again in front of the camera. “I play a sleazy councillor, wants to squirm all over the place,” explains the in Tamins GR, and Zurich-based actor. As always, he had understood with Gubser on the Set dazzling.

Zogg used to be also Gubsers-in-chief of the Swiss “crime scene”. As a SRF in 2011, the re-entry in the series, he played four Times by the police chief, Ernst Schmidinger. The role was later deleted because there was too much staff on the justice side. Only councillor Eugen Matt man, remained presented by Jean-Pierre Cornu (70). “We wanted to do with my figure, although still sporadic, but I don’t want to then,” said Zogg.

capital error with the first Episode

the Canton of The Grisons, the Roselt with the writer and Director of Eva (59) is married and three sons, remember, though, to the “crime scene”. He only regrets that the Lucerne’s crime had been from the beginning under a bad star. “That Puttering on the first episode around, was a capital error. He has never recovered more completely.”

But that was then, Tempi passati. His school friend Gubser he says: “Let us not too much stress. We have both worked enough. Let us enjoy life!”