Ex-coach of national teams of the USSR and Russia called for a revolution in the national biathlon

the Russian biathlon needs a revolutionary change, as in the work of the coaches and leadership of the national Federation had a lot of flaws.

“There are a lot of serious issues. To get to work, we should all carefully analyze, draw conclusions, said TASS, the former coach of the national team of the USSR and Russia Alexander Privalov. Based on these insights to change and the coaches and, if necessary, the user. In biathlon it is necessary to make a revolution, because to endure it is no longer possible. Simply a shame that our sport with leading positions fell below a plinth”.

“Calling for changes, I’m not talking personally about the President of the Russian biathlon Union Vladimir Drachev, and that there are serious problems in all. The team has dropped to such a low level that the point solutions to the problem will not solve it. Only one method of preparation matters a lot”, he added.

Privalov believes that the first year coaching staff of Russian national team in the preparatory period pays too little attention to volume training. This has a negative impact on speed endurance of athletes. “I can’t say whether the coaches to adjust in this work, but to understand this it is necessary. It is necessary to seek out those who will be able to think a head. This is very important,” he said.

“in addition, a major problem is the lack of unity in the team among the coaches. When we worked, we had friendly staff, it even could be called family. We worked on mutual respect to each other, and now it’s gone,” – said Privalov.

last season, the Russian team has not won a single victory at the world Cup, was set record for number of races without medals. At the same time, Alexander Loginov on the world Cup men’s team of the country the first in 12 years, gold in the individual competition. Candidates for a place in the coaching staff of Russian national team for the new season haveus to decide by April 6.