Felix Magath (68) comments for the first time on contract poker involving Robert Lewandowski and believes he knows why FC Bayern is now under so much pressure.

Errors at Bayern: Ex-Bayern coach Felix Magath says that Bayern caused the problems with Robert Lewandowski themselves. “I think that as a club you should actively tackle an issue like contract terms at an early stage and not wait until you’re forced to do so,” criticized Magath. “The way it is now, it’s an ugly situation for everyone involved.”

Short, compact, clear

Task for Nagelsmann not solvable. Felix Magath believes in a fundamental dilemma, as “Sport1″ reports. “Sometimes older players who have done a lot for a club also become a problem. It’s almost impossible for a coach to solve that.”

Hoeneß still there: Magath believes that there is a transition problem at Bayern.: “He (Uli Hoeneß) has set up FC Bayern since 1980 and made it what it is today. And now to ask him to leave overnight? That doesn’t do him justice. His successors can’t just send him hiking in the mountains.”