“The little Lord” heated it on TV every year since 1980 at Christmas time the hearts of the audience. The headlines, Ricky Schroder doing now in America, destroy its Image as a sweet, little Boy abruptly: The now 49-Year-old was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence – for the second Time within a month.

a woman reported that physically, the officials have been attacked to be

According to police spokesperson Juanita Navarro were by emergency call to 0.43 at the house of Schroder, in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills called. “A woman had reported that she was physically attacked. After your arrival, our officers found that the female victims showing clear signs of physical violence were present.”

Schroder was arrested. He must remain in custody, until he has driven 50’000 Dollar Deposit. According to the police Schroder was on 2. April, already once arrested. Due to the same offense. At the time, he was also against 50’000 dollars walk free. (ds)