René C. Jäggi is in Spreitenbach, fully in his Element. At the opening of the Hotel Hilton, the Ex-FC Basel told the President of the many other big plans, which he circulates. He cheers to his business partners, is in the middle of it, full of zest for action. And he looks in his fancy suit with a top Manager, he was in life. Still, the jet of man from Basel, the the success a constant companion. To glue the happiness to the Shoe soles of the rail.

he was in young years a successful Judoka, one of the best in the country. He studied in Basel, St. Gallen and in Tokyo. And makes a magical-seeming career. At the age of 38, he is the Supreme head of the world brand “Adidas”. Later, he saves the FC Basel before the financial collapse. He brings as President of the patron Gigi Oeri to the Board and to the builders of the great FCB. He is later Chairman of the Board at the 1. FC Kaiserslautern in the Bundesliga. And involved in many companies. Board here, Board there.

With his unwavering optimism, and his enthusiasm, with his jovial manner, he can take on people. Nothing seems to be able to this man of the world, with a secondary residence in Florida to shake.

suicide attempt in the Park

And then comes the 1. In September 2016. It is the message that a 67-year-old man in the garden Park of the Bethesda hospital is found dead with a gunshot wound comes. In the morning the employees of the private clinic to discover the man. He sits on a chair in the vicinity of the Villa Burkhardt. More dead than alive. It is a terrible sight.

Quickly seeps through that the severity of injuries by René C. Jäggi. The football world is shocked, Basel is shocked, Switzerland is shocked. Quick is rumored that it is a suicide attempt. And shortly thereafter, the Thesis of the public Prosecutor’s office confirmed.

It will start the speculation. Why in the Park of a hospital? He had a private blow of fate? He had financial problems? He suffers from depression? It is the unconscious search for a rational reason for this insane act. You’re trying to imagine how desperate someone must be to put his supposedly successful life, such a the end. And it can’t imagine.

he plugged in the dusk, the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. The bullet lacerated the palate and comes out at the end again. The left eye is destroyed. But he is alive. “I have looked at Google how to do something correctly,” he says today. He switches on the communication platform Whatsapp, in the evening of his Status. “I have everything set to Black,” he writes there. He’s been planning this suicide so rational, how he conducts business.

On the day of the fact, he visited his father. He writes in his room four hours of farewell letters, governs his estate, distributed the boxes, the letters in the corresponding letter. Then he goes into a Restaurant, order his favorite food and drinking a good bottle of wine.

Later, he wants to visit a friend. But it’s not home. And then the twilight comes, and his path leads him in the Park at the Bethesda hospital. As his first grandson recently came to the world, he is a grandfather. And there is a circle that closes, he thinks to himself. He sits down on a chair. And implements what he has planned. With the pistol he wears the whole day in my pocket.

“Am I in heaven?”

Now everything is black. He is three weeks in intensive care in a coma. And as he hits the eyes again for the first time, he looks his daughter in the face. “What are you doing? I’m in heaven?”, he asks in surprise. “No, Papi, we are in the hospital,” says his daughter. Is he disappointed in this Moment, that he’s still alive? “No. It is like a Reset button that I pressed. And now I’m back. I now have a second birthday.”

The System of the so unshakable optimists Jäggi quickly restart. And the fighting spirit of the former top athlete, and the Database returns. Jäggi is isolated and a four-month Rehabilitation begins, He has lost the left eye. A plastic eye fills in the gaps. The eyelids hang down a little. “But that is still being corrected,” he says. In the same way as him, nor is it a surgery on the palate is, so he can bite properly again.

He must learn in therapy a lot. But he has no brain injury. “I can even speak better Japanese than before,” he jokes. There are many procedures and examinations. He makes quick progress. Once he pulls a cap low on his face, puts on a pair of glasses and “escapes” with a nurse on Hand in the city. He would like to re-smell it once the right life. You go to a fondue stübli. He remains undetected.

After he returns to normal life. Will again take part in the carnival, appeared in the Basel tennis tournament and looking at the side of legendary coach Helmut Benthaus every FCB game. And is already quite the expert. “I don’t want to me to the present club big voice,” says Jäggi. After all, this: “In the current Constitution of the FCB has not lost in the group stage of the Champions League, nothing.”

He is also Pratteln, Vice-President of the FC, where the son of President son-in-law to be. “We had a good start to the season,” he says, not without Pride. There, too, he wants to move something, and with the FC Pratteln in the regional football to make a splash. He is not a Manager. No matter on which level. Business he is engaged again, travels around the world. And also the judo sport is connected. He is an Ambassador of the international judo Association and currently bored for three weeks at the world Championships in Japan.


What remains is the question Why is. The question is, how could it come to this Madness. It was the fear of loss of Prestige and importance? The fear before the fact, not to stand in the centre and as an older man step for step, something on the margins of society? “No,” says Jäggi. He had financial and business problems? “No,” says Jäggi. Suffers from depression? “No,” says Jäggi.

Yes, what is it? A simple and conclusive explanation, there is not. It is matured the decision within a few days. He was trial in the run-up to his suicide as an Ambassador for the judo Federation in Brazil. A lot of he is not employed there. And that bothers him. At home he is also experienced with, like a friend in old age is ill and frail. Will it be the same for him? Only some representation of the tasks waiting for him, the maker? He is thoughtful.

As a Judoka and as a man who has spent a lot of time in Japan, he is also familiar with the culture of the Japanese. A Samurai wants to end up like this, he wonders? Maybe he has a different explanation. But he does not want to read perhaps in the newspaper. “I was always very hard on me,” he says.

three years Ago, it has been found René C. Jäggi with a gun in his Hand. More dead than alive. “This day is now a part of my life. But I feel better than ever,” he says.

Five grandchildren he has now. Well possible that he will soon be the sixth grandfather.

René C. Jäggi is a man of extremes. Extremely ambitious, extremely successful, extremely risk-taker, maybe also extremely vain. To love is extremely hard but also extremely worthy. Our paths have crossed in the last almost thirty years.

And again and again, he thrilled with his engaging manner and his enthusiasm. Again and again you have to smile also: isn’t it also a little naive, if everything is always “super”, the Outlook is always rosy and everything is almost a little to froth and imposture sounds?

But the hours of René C. Jäggi are always pleasant and entertaining. Prefer a man who is, perhaps, even a small displacement of artists. The white, however, that there is to be optimistic no Alternative. Dear one, of the with superlatives to throws instead of a curmudgeon who is looking for his life long-hair in the soup.

The shock was big, as exactly three years ago, the message came up that wanted to, of all things, take this man’s life. For three years he has withdrawn, has shielded, not wanting to talk.

And now he’s sitting there. And the history of these fateful days told. And says, it is not a Surprise: “I feel better than ever.” It is as if you had met every week for a beer and to chat. It is as if he had never disappeared for three years out of the picture.

Maybe his way is also part of his problem. Much more important is: he is back to life, back in society, back in the Sport. And this is a wonderful message. At least for all those who like him.

I’m one of them.

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