In October 2017 announced Ex-Bachelorette Eli Simic (30) your love Dominik. Only four months later, she announced her pregnancy. Now, seven months after the birth of daughter Mia, the Couple of his separation on Instagram publicly. “It is for us not a step, but two steps forward that we have made the decision,” writes Eli Simic on the separation.

separation is for the benefit of daughter Mia

the relationship was necessary, in order to be able to continue to be good parents for the child to stay. The Couple had not separated in the dispute, and the Well-being of the little Mia in focus. For Eli Simic Every birthday, the first day of school, the first Ballet lesson is also clear: “all we will experience.”

The former Bachelorette wants: “Mia will eventually point to us and say: “My parents are separated but happy.”” How long have you and Dominik who has always kept the Public out, go separate ways, not betrayed Simic. (euc)