In the 3+-dome show “The Bachelor” (seven seasons) or “The Bachelorette” (five seasons), is to find the great love. The last Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (26) was looking for her dream man, and found him in Kenny (23). On Monday they were allowed to tell the Public: Yes, we are also after shooting a Few more.

One of the white, how the love stays away from the cameras-resistant, is Ex-Bachelor Janosch Nietlispach (31). He found 2016 with Kristina Radovic (24) the love of his life in TV. Until today, the two are happy together. Thus, it remains Andrina and Kenny also so, has betrayed the Bachelor, what the love between him and Kristina keeps alive.

“Everyone should be allowed to be in a relationship stay the way he is. You should not adjust just to please the other.”

“Gives you a lot of attention, makes you many compliments. It is little things, such as, for example, a hairdressing visit, which should attract the attention of the partners.”

“under a lot of together take, creates shared experiences. We like to do city trips, travel together Velo, cook together or watch a movie. Time together is important.”

“Give you enough space for your own interests and Hobbies.”

“to Suppress an eye. If you have on Saturday a deal and something spontaneously happens, it is not a Drama. You have your whole life ahead of you.”

“Surprised each other. Also the Sex should remain something Special and not to be a default program.”