for the First time, the electro-4×4-work horse-Evum aCar at the IAA in 2017, it was noticed, us: among all the stylish future of mobile state of the first, emphasizes the rustic prototype of the aCar. The continued mobility in developing countries, surprisingly, to electric drive – case technically easy and a Solar charging station can be quickly set up as a gas station and because of mobility, for example in rural Africa, in the sense of the word is needed.

Last year, we were able to drive the “Tesla for the (literally) poor” as a prototype through the terrain. At the ongoing IAA, the German Startup Evum engine revealed – emerged from a project of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) – the serial version. In order to reach except the third, the First world was turned upside down by the aCar. The Design of a good-looking, the equipment is wider (e.g., optional heated seats, quick charge), and municipalities can now have a “local triangle” (for cultivation, for example, snow plow, etc.), or trailer hitch to.

Up to 200 kilometers,

Technically, it stays narrow when 4,08 meters long, 1.50 m, 2.00 meters high and 1100 kilos and aCar when all-wheel drive thanks to two electric motors, each with 10 kW. There are a total of 20 kW, which corresponds to 27 HP. That’s enough for 70 km/h and, depending on the Lithium-ion battery (12 or optional 24 kWh) for 100 or 200 km range.

A ton of payload

The payload is 1000 pounds. As the bodies flatbed platform trailer without tarp (series), as well as the Option of building Plane and box are available, and a 12 – and a 230-Volt device port, there is also. And we wouldn’t be surprised if you see the emission-free, thanks to four-wheel well-to-Alps suitable work horse in spite of local competition in the Swiss mountain villages or municipalities.

From the beginning of 2020

Even if the Europe Version comes now significantly more expensive than the “naked”, locally assembled-saving version for developing and emerging countries: In Germany, the aCar is the cost without VAT (in the case of such vehicles, the net price is decisive) is 28’900 Euro, so there is (yet) no Swiss sales or francs, the final price – the equivalent of about 31’500 Swiss francs. Currently is built in bayerbach (Bavaria) the production, beginning in 2020, the heck with the series production ready to start (you can order on already).