This week Desjardins launched its new platform which brings together a range of residential services and information.

EspaceProprio presents itself as the new reference in the field and where people will go to begin their work and research in real estate or to draw inspiration. This new ecosystem, offered to everyone, Desjardins customers or not, includes a website, a mobile application and a free advisory service.

“We noticed that there was a lack of support at Desjardins for everything related to non-financial services and advice for the renovation, purchase or sale of a house. This is what we want to offer with EspaceProprio,” explains spokesperson Chantal Corbeil.

The platform enhances the services of RénoAssistance and DuProprio with Confia, a new resource for finding a real estate broker or renovation specialist. Added to this is a mobile application which, in the form of tutorials, guides the user in maintaining their home. From October, you will also be able to assess the market value of your property, without the intervention of brokers.

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