Five noble families fight with all means to rule over the continent of Westeros and the seat on the Iron throne. , And from the East makes a further Queen on the way that claims the absolute rule – with the three dragons as Pets. Also otherwise there will be cooking all sorts of magic: Melisandre, the red witch from the East, their own thing, and gives birth to evil shadow, and from the North, The is the real enemy: the White walkers are on the way! You bring death and eternal Winter, were long held but by a huge wall that cuts across the continent, from the conquest. In spite of this danger, the noble families are primarily concerned with squabbling for the Iron throne.

successfully ?
The series is in breach of a Golden rule of storytelling: The likeable main character would have to actually stay alive. In “Game of Thrones” will be beheaded as a Hero, introduced the father of the Stark family, Ned Stark in the first season. No one is in this series for sure. Even otherwise, there are siblings to be taboo: incest, shy sslichste violence and vicious political intrigues are just as magic, fascinating, complex characters and beautiful locations and costumes. The series has a rich mythology and their own languages. Various religions and secret societies operate in the Background. Seasoned the Whole thing with a lot of, a lot of Sex – an irresistible mixture.

As Jon Snow the Bastard of the North, ruling noble family – which is not really a Bastard. He is considered the hottest contender for the Iron throne. His mistress, Daenerys Targaryen the once from Westeros exiled dragon Queen, even a birthright to supremacy A different noble house, the once immensely rich family, Lannister, sits currently on the throne – but the shake is difficult. the Cersei , the power-hungry Lannister ruler, but will do anything to stay in Power. You device into a conflict with her twin brother and Lover Jaime Lannister . The midget brother of the two, Tyrion Lannister is, in turn, in the service of the dragon Queen. The deadly Arya go Strong the young relatives of Jon snow’s, can magically her face. the Sansa Strong your sister, has blossomed over the past consequences of a nobility doll to be a wise ruler in the North. The brother of the two, Bran Strong , in turn, is a very private beings: As a “dreiäugiger Raven” he is able to see through thousands of years of trees through time and space.

the basis for the series, the books of the US author’s George R. R. Martin (70). Under the title “a song of ice and fire” have appeared in five volumes, sold all the millions of times, and in 40 languages have been translated. The TV series has overtaken, what relates to the plot, in the meantime, the books. Fans of the series have been waiting since 2011 on the publication of the sixth volume “The Winds of Winter” (“The winds of winter”). The entire series of Books to include seven volumes.

The historical template reads – without the magic and dragons – just as exciting as the novels. Based on over thirty year’s war of the roses (“war of the Roses”) of the British noble families of Lancashire, (Lannister) and York (Starks) is located in the England of the 15th century. Century. But “Game of Thrones” also has a bitter actuality: As in the series Europe bogged down in a dispute with flows of Migrants, Brexit and trade agreements, while the true danger in the Form of climate change. Just, it is in the true world of eternal summer, and threatens us instead of in “Game of Thrones” the eternal Winter.

The most expensive series of all time swallows per Episode an average of six million dollars, the six episodes of the final season costs 15 million dollars. The eight seasons of a lot of money. Most of it goes to special effects, costumes, and exotic locations such as Dubrovnik, Morocco, Iceland, and Malta – that’s why the series was also filmed with a previously relatively unknown actors.

Unknown is no more now. the Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is now regarded as a Superstar. He got married in the rest of his “Game of Thrones”girlfriend Rose Leslie (Ygritte) in real life, and “Game of Thrones”-like in a medieval Scottish. Rose Leslie grew up in – you is a real Scottish Princess from ancient nobility. But also Emilia Clarke what are the dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen, has come to Hollywood, for example in the Film “Solo. A Star Wars Story”. And Sophie Turner has captured the beautiful Sansa Stark in the series, not only the heart of pop singer Joe Jonas, but also their place in the Marvel movie universe – it plays in the next X-Men adaptation of “Dark Phoenix”, the eponymous lead role.

Unfortunately, Yes. But the HBO is planning at least a Spin-off series set in the world of Westeros. You should play 5000 years before the events of “Game of Thrones”.

the first episode of The eighth season in Switzerland starting from Monday, 15. April, at 3 o’clock on the streaming portal Sky Show ( see ch). It is, among other things, in the original language and in English. German subtitles are a few days delayed. Alternatively, the season runs at the same time on the pay-TV broadcaster Sky Atlantic, available via tele-club. Who can do without German: Also on RTS 1 the first episode will be on 15. April at 3 o’clock in the morning English broadcast.