“Force of evil” called the U.S. an American film Director Oliver stone, talking to a journalist RT.

“We have become a force of evil for men, for those who want reforms, for those who seek to change things. For ordinary people!”

According to the Director, America “can return a boomerang”.

Speaking of corruption, stone suggested that in his country its magnitude exceeds the same indicators in other States.

“In fact, everything is ruled by money” — summed up the stone, thinking about American democracy.

Oliver stone is not the first time expressed quite critical about the policy of the United States domestically and on the world stage.

In one of his movies about Ukraine, the American Director has decided to find evidence of Russian meddling in elections in the United States. Moscow’s hand is not seen, but the Ukrainian influence on the us election was. Through the Soros Foundation in Kyiv pumped millions of dollars. For Hillary Clinton and against Donald trump appeared ordered materials in the media. Facts have proved and convicted.

in addition, stone’s concern is the relations of Russia and Ukraine. He hopes that once again the time will come and the two brotherly people will live in friendship.

“you can’t just say that they are two people and one culture. After all, many Ukrainians do not want to have anything to do with Russia. And it is the residents of the West and Central part of the country. But we need somehow to take into account the views of those who want to be together with Russia in cultural, language and economic terms.”