Ask mom about the state assistance to the family during the epidemic, was it difficult to issue 10-thousand children’s allowance, and Snezhana only smiles.

– Many complained that public services were frozen, and everything came out easily. The next day after the President’s address, may 12, went to the portal and just two clicks introduced Snils children and Bank details. Soon came the confirmation from the Pension Fund. It is very important that the manual will have all the parents with children from 3 to 16 years, without collecting masses of information. Such assistance brings people together in difficult times. And so, we have April help. We are in the village, a teacher calling from school, I invite you to take products that kids on the quarantine issue instead of free school meals. And computers not once offered to help if we have a number of students gadgets is not enough. But we have to work all there.

Since today is a holiday, we can finally set aside the laptop, to plunge into the life of real – to work in the garden, go fishing, read real paper books (his passion dad instilled and children).

To often to gather the big family Panteleyev this home and built for many years, vykraivaya time and money in the family budget, the main made with your own hands. And a place for a “family nest” in the village of Sukhorechka was not chosen randomly. From here the ancestors of Snezana and Anatolia. To law school in Buzuluk young met. And when married, already knew that children in the family will be at least three – for mother, for father and for growth as kidding themselves. Exceeded the plan, but dad is not even against it, and the fifth heir.

a Large family is not only a great responsibility but a joy. And when grow older, so become even easier, says mom.

After Alice alone with three children (the youngest was 1.5 years) went to her husband in Yakutia, it is not anything scary. Flew to Moscow, then to Peace, and there to Lensk on deer.

No, dad a car for us sent – laughing hostess. But on a sled I children then drove to kindergarten in the fog and 45-degree cold. I don’t know why, but in Yakutia, we were not cold.

they were Not cold, because all together, and then in Irkutsk, where Anatoly transferred. He, as befits a man, plowed in the oil fields, and his wife took care of the house. Together with the children they proceeded all the trails around lake Baikal, traveled to Mongolia and hot springs in Buryatia. So put up a tent and make a bonfire at Panteleyev can do everything. That’s just this summer, far out will not work. “Upset?” – I ask almost knowing the answer. And they just smile: “No, we have here in the village of Paradise.” Near the Paradise Church in honor of the Kazan mother of God.

the Church of old, the sacred, is still here my great-grandfathers went. In the 1930-ies the Church was turned �� the warehouse, but then the will of God was restored, – says Anatoly. – A rural community, you know, like one family. We the Orthodox people, and for us it is very important to be closer to the roots.

to get to the roots – this rule Anatolia in everything. His family tree he with the help of local historians and Museum staff dug up until the 12th of the knee. Learned, for example, that one of his grandfather, Alexander Surkov, fought at Stalingrad, was involved in two parades of the great Patriotic war – November 7, 1941 in Kuibyshev (then “alternate” the capital of the USSR) and winning on red square in may 1945. And the second, Alexei Panteleev, came to the Czech Republic, where he was wounded and was long considered to be missing, but his house, fortunately, waited.

In memory of the ancestors and all the heroes of the great Patriotic war in the outskirts of the house Panteleyev laid your Memory lane – as part of the Federal action. Dad already designed irrigation system that will irrigate the young trees, when the owners return to Samara. The first tests were successful.

“Otherwise, and could not be in Anatolia turns everything that whatever he undertook,” – says goodbye, Snezhana. And looking at their house, flowering trees and happy faces of children, I understand that the house becomes a fortress of brick, and from the strong people who rely on themselves, but help others.

In accordance with the presidential decree extended the right of families to a monthly payment of 5 thousand rubles, which is from April to June is available for children up to three years. These tools can benefit not only families entitled to maternity capital, but also all families who have given birth or adopted their first child from April 1, 2017 until January 1, 2020.

in Addition to this, families with children from 3 to 16 years were entitled to a lump sum payment in the amount of 10 thousand rubles with effect from 1 June. Funds will be provided for each child under specified age from 11 may to 30 June 2020, regardless of whether a family has the right to the matkapital or not. To apply for this payment through the portal of public services, responded to the request “RG – Weeks” to the Pension Fund of Russia. Families have almost five months to make a claim, the claim is valid up to 1 October. No additional documents to submit is not necessary. The application can also be submitted at any customer service of the Pension Fund or through multifunctional centers.

the application must specify the number of the applicant’s social security number and Bank account number to which money will arrive. Additional documents to submit is not necessary. If necessary, the FIU independently request all the information within the framework of interdepartmental interaction.

Also the statement on payments to families with children as public support during an outbreak can be submitted to the territorial bodies of the Pension��on the Fund and the units of the IFC. However, the Pension Fund warned in connection with measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection visit the FIU can now be by appointment only.