Union Berlin President Dirk Zingler is optimistic that coach Urs Fischer will not leave the club for the time being. Manager Oliver Ruhnert should not want to turn his back on the club either.

Good prospects: Successful coach Urs Fischer and manager Oliver Ruhnert will stay with Union Berlin, at least according to club president Dirk Zingler. The 57-year-old is not afraid “that the two will go,” he emphasizes to “AFTV”.

Pleasure at work: Zingler is certain: “Everyone enjoys what they do.” Accordingly, Fischer and Ruhnert “would not give up their tasks thoughtlessly or lightly”.

Support: Despite the probably unchanged positions at Union, there will be an internal innovation. So Ruhnert will “take even more care of the squad planning”, while ex-professional Michael Parensen will have more responsibility as his assistant. However, Ruhnert remains “head of the department”.

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