Everyday things became a trend during the isolation of coronavirus

Socks with color prints become a fashionable trend during the isolation of the pandemic coronavirus. About it reports the Independent.

Reporters found that in social networks there are more photos in which users demonstrate a specified daily thing, noting its manufacturer. Currently, Instagram hashtag #socksoftheday (“socks of the day”) you can find more 373 thousand posts.

Photo published @leandramcohen

Among the supporters of the trend proved popular blogger Leander Cohen (Leandra Cohen). She was photographed in the bathroom mirror in my pajamas and rainbow socks brand Mother. The stylist zeena Shah (Zeena Shah), in turn, showed the green sandals, and white socks print brand Swedish Stockings.

Photo published @heartzeena

they were joined By the businesswoman Sabina Markin (Markin Sabina). She showed home outfit and white socks with Adidas brand logo and blue stripes. Its publication gained more than nine thousand likes on Instagram.

In April, the blogger covered her body with a pillow during the isolation of the camera and accidentally started the trend. Usersa Fied (Firo) consolidated pillow purple black belt at the waist and shared in the social networks, adding the hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge. He soon became viral on Instagram.