Countless young people to begin today, a lesson. The Start into working life but for many as A third of the pins have been sexually harassed, the trade Union Unia, which has surveyed 800 apprentices.

Four out of five women

women are more susceptible to be affected, with 36 percent more likely than men (25 percent). The view beyond the workplace will extend life on school and private, so the Numbers are still significantly higher. Four out of five women have given to have been in a kind of sexual harassment experienced in the case of men it was just under half.

Also, apart from unwanted harassment of teaching is a walk in the Park according to the Unia’s “no sugar”. About a third of the respondents had reported that they had experienced at work already bullying. 70 percent were also regularly stressed and almost two-thirds would at least from time to time, Overtime work, although this is for learners only in exceptional cases. Almost half of them feel at least and overwhelmed at work.

trade Union calls for better protection

The Unia calls, in the light of the results of the survey that the legal protection of learners must necessarily be enforced, for example Overtime and night work is concerned. To the problem of sexual harassment fairly, companies should enforce a zero-tolerance practice, and clear regulations adopt, as a point of contact in or outside of the operation create and sanctions for offending employees provide.

Under the harassment of the Unia summarizes exceedances of different types of border and Assault. Often these were combined: The most common Form of sexual innuendo or derogatory remarks. But just 16% of those Affected are only affected by this type of harassment. This also shows that there is often a first limit is exceeded, a further and often more serious consequence, the Unia.

the survey of the trade Union Unia 812 people took part, of which 514 online and 298 by written questionnaire. 61 percent of Participants were female, 30 percent male and nine percent did not answer or ticked the category “other”. (SDA/brb)