The SBB are on time. So, the General opinion was. The customer punctuality indicates how many travellers arrive in total, on all routes on time. Three minutes late are regarded as on time. It is according to SBB for 2017, significant 89.0%.

As the second number, SBB lead to the The second measure, which measures the connection of punctuality, how many travellers can reach their connections. According to SBB, the 2017 were very high 97.2 percent.

the Open Data platform provides information

What is not to communicate the SBB, but according to the “NZZ”, is the Zugpünktlichkeit. So the Figures about how many trains on which routes on time or too late drive. The rail customer knows that Switzerland, around nine out of ten passengers to arrive on time, but not as many trains on his daily commute unpunctual or whether his often-chosen travel route, particularly delay-prone.

fills This gap Website www.pü The Site uses daily-updated raw data to the Open Data platform for public transport in Switzerland, since 2016, the existing huge collection with timetable and real-time data, in which all licensed transportation companies. The Open Data platform has been given according to the NZZ the Swiss Federal office for transport (BAV) in order to stimulate the development of innovative systems to the public transport by Private as those Gutwenigers.

16 per cent of trains are too late

What comes out of it, throws a very different light on the punctuality of SBB. In the Intercity traffic were too late according to these data, in the last year, 16.2 percent of the trains. To 33, the proportion was 20 percent or more. As problem areas, where more than half of all intercity travel is delayed, routes in Wallis, with almost 85 percent of people who arrive late and Chen trains and routes to Lausanne and Chiasso, where delays abroad are retracted.

To eight tracks, more than a third of all intercity trains are late, at seven, more than a quarter. As a Hotspot the node is Olten. Tardiness prevails but also on Parade, for example, from Zurich to Bern with 27.4 and from Basel to Zurich with a 32 percent delayed Intercity trains.

problem route Bern-Zofingen

In the inter-regional transport achieved in the last year, 87.6 per cent of SBB’s trains at their destination on time. In order for the SBB were in front of the RhB, but behind the Central railway. Here, too, sting problem lines: Between Bern and Zofingen AG, around a quarter of the SBB-inter-regional delay, from Zürich to Zug 23 percent, from Aigle VD and Bex VD to St-Maurice VS, more than 27 percent.

it looks Better in the case of the Regio-Express trains. The SBB were 91.9 percent punctuality in front of the BLS and RhB, but behind Transports publics fribourgeois, SOB, Regionalps, and Thurbo. In the case of the Regio-trains of the SBB drove with 91.7% on-time trains in the midfield between the RhB and the Transports régionaux neuchâtelois. In the S-Bahn, 91 per cent of SBB’s trains reached their destination at the scheduled time, which is also a value in the midfield between the Rhaetian railway and Central railway.

Swiss Federal office for transport has praised the site

The BAV, the Website promise of On Linkedin Director Peter Füglistaler praised: “Only the statistically acquired values, without the beautiful communication departments talk.” He wanted to point to a source of information, the unfiltered data point, added Füglistaler on demand.

He is, according to the “NZZ” of the Conviction that such data will be publish unweighted, so that the PUBLIC can make yourself a picture. “The side-swipe against the Communication is not to suggest that the customers want an explanation, but punctual trains.” (zas)