The younger they are, the more frequently the Switzerland-mouth on the inside and Swiss. A fifth of 18 – to 25-Year-old has already once at Migros, something to run in, 18 percent in the case of competitor Coop. The average for all adults only” 12 percent stole “once upon a time, Migros and 11 percent in the case of Coop. This is a survey conducted by the Online comparison service money of the country in 1500 adults in the German-speaking and Western Switzerland.

In the public transport drove 34 percent of respondents already black. Here, too, the disciples colorful: So 48 percent of the up to 25-Year-old on the Bus and the train without a Ticket were on the road already.

women are slightly more honest

Often someone else’s property is wrapped on-the-job – 18 percent have stolen something. Also Restaurants and Hotels (13 percent) are popular with long fingers.

protects not only appear to be the age before the Steal, but – a little – also the sex. In the case of the women, 54 percent have never stolen anything on purpose, in the case of men, only 48 per cent. In addition, there is a theft-Röstigraben: In the Romandie 53 percent of the respondents took never something in the German part of Switzerland it is only 50 percent.

to have it the Rich need

The country population seems to also hold honesty to be somewhat higher than the city dwellers. While 55 percent of the country’s residents to have in adulthood, never stolen, it is among the townspeople is only 49 percent, such as money, land announced today.

on the survey that More mouth less. On the contrary, In the case of a Restaurant Visit, the group shows with a capacity of 300’000 to 500’000 francs, the highest theft rate.