Beer lovers will be well served over the next few days with not one, but two major brew festivals.

First in Chambly, the unmissable Bières et Saveurs event celebrates its 20th edition this year, from September 1 to 4.

More than 110 exhibitors will gather around the Fort-Chambly National Historic Site to present more than 1,000 local beers, ciders and other spirits.

This is the case of newcomers Toltèk Brasseur Artisan, Jackalhop, Pub BreWskey and Harricana, who will join the regulars, including Messorem Bracitorium or the Brasserie du Bas-Canada.

As for the entertainment component, festival-goers will be able to attend concerts by P’tit Belliveau, Pascale Picard and Le Diable à cinq.

From September 8 to 10, Oktoberfest de Repentigny will be the rallying point for fans, with more than 75 exhibitors, including 45 microbreweries, gathered at Lebel Island Park, near the St. Lawrence River.

Humor and music will also be present here with performances by Korine Côté, Sara Dufour, Marilyne Léonard and Sarahmée, among others.