Road cycling, He thinks about the Vuelta a españa, but runs Like Evenepoel (20) it is not until the following year, his first grand tour. The world CHAMPIONSHIP remains the main objective. The hint of the Deceuninck-Quick-Step is happy to have him, unlike some of her colleagues, even outside of training. He is hoping that the pros will have to do another long bike rides can do it.“Otherwise, I’m going twice for 50 km on the bike,” laughs the young man, as a response to a comment made by the minister of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem.

At the Giro d’italia and the Olympic Games “I had a little tear let it be Evenepoel don’t think. However, because the corona virus is so difficult to estimate, it is the same for the 20-year-old, winner of the Deceuninck Quick.Step is hard to make plans. “We don’t know which of the races have been canceled, and which, however, will continue working on it,” he said in an interview with a video chat. “I’m hoping in June to re-rate, however this will be subject to a number of measures have been.” Evenepoel, confirmed that he was in the Tour de France is that for the time being stubbornly maintained – that is, do not drive. “The Tour de France is the toughest race is, by it’s complete package. I don’t have any experience with the grand tours. It would therefore be unwise to make the Tour of the first large lap,” said He.

I have to get to the recovery to think of it, I can never be 100 per cent at the world cup, when I was first in the tour of spain have been driven.

Evenepoel, about possible participation in the Vuelta a españa.

What’s in a (small) feature: the Vuelta a españa. That is, from 14 August to 6 september 2020, on the program. “I’ve already thought of that, yes. However, the world cup, which is two weeks after the end of the tour of spain and it falls, it will always be my main objective. I have to get to the recovery to think of it, I can never be 100 per cent at the world cup, as I was the first in the Vuelta a españa have been. Take a look at Primoz Roglic. He won the Vuelta a españa, but he was at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, not less. Also, do I have any other options at the time for the world cup. I can be just like last year, the Tour of Germany, I can go to the Ibm Tour. However, it is at the moment, so it’s difficult to plan, because it is very important to ensure that the virus is 100 percent, the way is clear before we’re back to the start. I do, however, have one major advantage: it is after two weeks of intensive training, I normally get back into shape.”