It will see a lot of the easter traditions this year, too, is disturbed by the corona virus. It is unlikely that the paasvieringen will take place, and also in summer chocolates to pick up this year will probably be the only in the family to happen. A bakery in Switzerland and specially designed to have a range of chocolate paashaasjes with the surgical masks on the market.

The paashaasjes of the bakery, the Bohnenblust, in the Swiss capital, Bern, will cost 8,50 Swiss Francs (8 euros) each, and are selling like hot cakes, ” says co-owner, with Ruth Huber.

“a Lot of people are giving them to work colleagues, for example, or to members of staff who do not from home and be able to work,” she says. On average, going up to 60 paashaasjes per day, over-the-counter. Up to now it has responded only to a single customer to her. “I’ve told you that your humor may be lost in the current situation,” said Huber.