Showbiz, It had to be her husband, but by the coronacrisis is also Miss Belgium’s Celine Van Ouytsel are stuck at home. Ribbons cut, and fashion shows, to walk, to well-known people: none of that is possible, so Celine and her chance for the crown to cash in on getting smaller and smaller, to see it. “Our health is the most important thing, but it’s fun otherwise,”

A 23-year-old blonde with a brain and a thriving career as an influencer. When one topfavoriete Celine Van Ouytsel, on the 11th of January will also be effective for the crown of Miss Belgium for the awards, seemed to be the start of something beautiful. “That’s when I heard my name call out, it seemed this might be the beginning of a wonderful new year full of great moments,” says Celine, now. “I’ve had a very busy agenda filled with great assignments. Little did I know that this is two months later is absolutely not the case. The corona virus is the leading to where I’m walking I’m, very, very, suddenly come to a grinding halt. It’s been so long, and a double order is currently with Miss Belgium. Of course, I’m very happy with my title, but I think it’s a shame that I was not allowed to participate. In the next few weeks, I have literally not a single job outside the home. On the screen, and because of this is usually the period of time in which you, as a model, most of the work. However, there is nothing for it but to accept it. If I have the heart to find that I was in this year the crown of Miss Belgium in my mind then? That’s a difficult question to answer. I am very happy that I will Miss Belgium, but the conditions are not ideal.”

All trying to Celine, however, to keep a positive attitude. “For me, this is a difficult situation for you, but that’s it for the rest of the population. We’re all in the same boat. I am, however, pleased that the Belgian government, the drastic measures taken. Your health is the most important thing of all. I guess I’m lucky that both my family and myself so far have been spared from the virus, but there are also people for whom that is not the case at all. For them, I hope that the necessary measures will soon take effect.”

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“It’s really crazy to think that life is at a standstill, but I will try to be there for myself, as a way to find out”, is going to Celine continue. “Of course, I also have a off-day, but I’m trying to be optimistic, and to be an example to others. I think it may even be an advantage that I am this year’s Miss Belgium and I’m, for now, I use my platform to encourage and inspire you. I stand for positivity, and that’s what I want others to give.”

As Celine is now at home and that personal touch can do, and she puts plenty of her on social media. “If I give all of my followers for a few days, every day is a new challenge : the one time I ask them to take a nice photo of their pet, and at other times, I ask them to bring their talents to the show, … Out of all the submissions I will choose a resident twin of the day. For example, I can have my followers, but, it’s also a lot of fun to do,” she says. “And besides, I want to emphasize that the people who have them want to do it, I can address it via Instagram. I don’t have enough time (laughs)”.