Coronavirussen has transformed the world. That is why gloves became a regular part of the routine for so many people, when they are acting in.

But the gloves does not work, if you do not take your precautions. It explains an american nurse in a video on Facebook.

the Nurse named Molly Lixey and comes from Michigan in the UNITED states. It writes CNN.

In the video demonstrate to her how germs spread during a shopping expedition, because you have fat in so many different things.

the Bacteria spreads quickly, because you both have a hold of your mobile phone as well as toilet paper to make the cart clean while you shop.

“It makes me afraid that people think they are safe because they wear gloves,” she says, among other things in the video in a little over three minutes.

Molly Lixey adds that she is aware that all people want to protect themselves and others. Therefore, it is important that it be done in the right way.

the Nurse’s point in the video is that it makes no sense to use gloves, if you do not wash hands when you’ve touched something.

Molly Lixey points out that it’s especially the mobile phone, which can be dangerous, because we often have the promotion during a shopping trip.

And the nurse from Michigan is not the only one who has used the social media to show how bacteria can spread.

the Nurse Hays Earls from Dallas has so made a video on the TikTok, which she shows her son how bacteria can get stuck on your hands.

Then she shows how you can remove them by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water.