Even during the quarantine, not everyone can pass the test of COVID-19

Last day of self-isolation.

the media Described in the symptoms of coronavirus infection can’t feel it, ugh-ugh. But two weeks does not come to us a doctor who was not examined, did not take the tests, there were no calls about the health and compliance with isolation (a week ago, after the appearance of the first infected in the Kuzbass, in the service of “112” promised me that “will call you”). So why do I have to believe the employer? For example, my believe, but not everyone is so lucky.

Photo: Jane Barlow/WPA Pool/Getty Images Rospotrebnadzor said about the Russian test-systems for coronavirus

to Dial 112. Again, that is not phone the Ministry of health or epidemiology. Is the number of the emergency services, which in the region put “questions about the coronavirus”. The woman on the other end of the phone my question clearly baffled. Asks to wait. Hear turns the pages. Then he says that in their instructions not described such a case. We begin to talk. Logically, I should be come a doctor, to fix that I’m healthy, and issue a certificate. With her by my employer and colleagues will sleep much calmer, or rather work with me in the same office. “Call tomorrow to the clinic,” advised me in service “112”.

by the Way, there is nothing on the certificate and in the instruction of Rospotrebnadzora “On the basic principles of quarantine in home.”

it only States that “the quarantine at home is completed after 14 days of isolation, if there are no signs of the disease, as well as on the basis of negative results of laboratory studies of material collected on the 10 day quarantine.” My tests were not taken at all. And not one I such.

Photo: iStock From Montenegro began to take out the Russians

Recently, friends have returned from Montenegro. Phew, all successfully. Of course, made him worry: we’ve all seen on TV, read the news how our countrymen due to the closure of airports in Montenegro are unable to leave the country. S7 Airlines brought the children to Moscow. “The passengers on the plane had measured the temperature with a thermal imager, given the mask, we filled out the questionnaire – where from, where to fly, what flight, what places to sit, took our numbers and asked for some addresses will be in the next two weeks, says a friend. But what do we do next?”. Suggest to sit at home, sharing information that she these days had collected and described on the website “RG” in the “Diary quarantined”.

“I took your advice and called the service “112”, recorded our data and told me to call the doctor from his clinic. But be warned that the hospital can give in that case, if the country from which we returned in the list of poor coronavirus. And it is there. And, again, no – walk! But I can’t. I know that we need two weeks to be home,” says the friend.

Photo: EPA/JULIEN DE ROSA In France for violation of the quarantine fined 92 thousand people

to be honest, is a mess rather tired. The friends are puzzled, and some resent the fact that someone came from abroad, but everywhere out there. The one who walks, reasonably remarks: “why should I be home if you came from Thailand?”. By the way, have arrived on the eve of Phuket to Novosibirsk’s Tolmachevo international airport, the temperature was measured (in the plane too) and do nothing warninhave ragdale.

Novosibirsk, albeit in abbreviated form (foreign participants), opened the seventh TRANS-Siberian art festival. Followers immediately criticized the regional authorities, which gave permission to hold the event with the participation of a sufficient number of spectators.

Someone by going to “udalenka” and being on vacation, and even in isolation, went to “sit” in the village to the grandmother in Sochi, where it’s spring. We all start to point fingers at each other, fueling unnecessary in such a situation, a feeling of anger and misunderstanding. I am responsible, stay at home, and my neighbor is not! Begins…

Wood was tossed on the fire news from Stavropol, where the infectious disease physician had concealed his trip to Madrid, and after a quick test showed she had the presence of coronavirus. The woman faces a criminal investigation.

Photo: Carlo Hermann / AFP Coronavirus went around the world from Italy

Everything has been written about the negligence of the doctor, which in this situation was to show by example what to do. But again I draw attention to the fact that we flew in from Spain on March 8, and March 9-10 at all the hot lines (the 112 service, Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of health) told me that Spain is not in the adverse list of the coronavirus. In those days Spain, Germany and France included in the “dangerous” list only the Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow. And in the resolution of the chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation from March 2, 2020 a special attention to the citizens who have returned from Iran, South Korea, Italy (with China and everything is clear – approx. “RG”). All others recommended to tell us about his trip in the case of the onset of symptoms to call the doctor.

unfortunately, the situation is developing faster than appear decrees and orders. But their appearance does not guarantee that all immediately rush volto alnath instructions.

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS What are the food prices in the period of the coronavirus

“the Merit of the virus that we used to live in total purity,” sounds on television. But outdraw their apartments, we go to the shops, where, alas, nobody observes, the metal railings are not wipes disinfectants, in line people stand in serried ranks.

the Situation is such that at stake may be someone’s life because of negligence and social irresponsibility. But it is necessary to understand and take heart. Or, learning from the experience of other countries to impose strict penalties on those who violated quarantine (those with coronavirus walking around public places and catch up with friends).

My isolation ended. A diary will continue to write another journalist. She and her husband and two children returned from abroad. And their quarantine is only just beginning.