The road into the valley to Eptingen BL is steep and has a dozen blind curves. The Federal court has not decided in 2016, that the school was reasonable, and the municipality must ensure a safe, secure way to school. However, even after the accident, a Schulkinds on Tuesday, the leadership of the community remains hard.

a look back: On Tuesday injured Lara M.* (13) on her way to school a few 100 yards from home. You started with the Velo at the same time with her brother and twin sister. What happened next is still unclear. “We can’t burden you with a survey”, says father Jan M.* (57). Sure is, the girl slams head-on in an uphill-drive Citroën. She remains unconscious. The Rega brings you to the children’s hospital of Basel.

Lara is after an accident better

After all, you go Lara yesterday better. “It is a miracle,” says her father. “It was a shock, a violent. She suffers a concussion of a brain, otherwise she is healthy.”

Still, the shock sits deep. Jan M. and two other families from the neighborhood to warn of dangerous road into the valley. “We continue to fight for an improvement in the Situation,” said the father. His six children were of primary school age out, but: “With the grandchildren to the Theater. We want a school bus that picks up in two to three collection the children gärtler and students from foreign stations.”

municipality of switches on stubborn

However, the municipality remains stubborn. Parish President Melanie Wussler: “So an accident is tragic and a shock to the community. But our attitude to the school bus that changes nothing. A school bus is out of the question.” The politician is fully behind the current version – the public Bus. An Extra Bus to the mountain, you don’t want to and says: “There are 27 Aussenhöfe in our community. We make the Weiherkäsi a stop, we would have to connect x to other areas. Unnecessary and unrealistic!”

a lawyer is called a solution

One of the affected families, has now engaged the Lucerne lawyer and school experts Sandor Horvath. He is the parish President, speaks, and builds on the work of the cantonal court decision that says that the municipalities designated walking distances are much too long. The lawyer: “Now, the municipality would have to go to the parents, in order to clarify how to get to school safely and on time be overcome.” He mentions two ways: “It could be a school bus to introduce or Transport by the parents of a compensation Fund – in the present case, up to the school house and not just up to the bus stop!” It is clear that A solution is on the way to school armed.

*names have been changed