she stands in front of the biggest Premiere of your life. At the beginning of November, Eveline Suter (40, “Eliza Doolittle”, “The beauty and the beast is a mother”) for the first Time. “In the first few weeks I suffered from severe migraines. But in every Moment of my gratitude for the greatest happiness was stronger,” says the Zugerin. The pregnancy she announced last week on Instagram with the words: “We have prayed that you will give, Small. And now You’re on the way to us.”

the father of your child is a US film producer Danny Stillman. The Couple met back in 2010 in New York (USA) on the Set of the film “blindness”. It was when she was Single “and had no interest in doing something New”, she says. Stillman, in turn, was still married. Only two years ago, their paths crossed again. From near the great love, the crown now with the first common child was quickly.

At the ultrasound both to turn your head away

What is it, you don’t want to know. “At the ultrasound, we will not turn away the head so we can see it. We want it to be a surprise,” says Suter. As it is with 40 years pregnant for the first Time, it belongs automatically to the group of high-risk pregnancies. Suter sees the relaxed and deliberately an amniocentesis. “I have a basic trust in me, that all is well. But we would keep a disabled child. About Danny and I have a long talk and honest.” In accordance with your gynecologist at your Little all right, you feel the Same say. “I feel my child all the time. It seems to be a very bright. Only when I sing, it is a bit quieter.”

The Couple, who lives majority in New York City and a holiday home in the Ticino is used to travel to the settled life will be for you a new challenge. “I’m going to stay from next month in Switzerland, would like to give birth in the train. Since my siblings are, I would like to know in my area, when our child comes to the world,” said Suter, whose parents are no longer living.

wanted to Marry anyway, the Couple, without child

as soon As the child is in the world, will be the Couple to walk down the aisle, what they wanted to do without a child. “Now me, Danny has made during pregnancy, a romantic marriage proposal, I immediately said Yes. The Party is set to take place next year. “Then we will celebrate as a married couple and parents. I can’t think of anything Better.”