Evaluated economic measures Putin

Proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the extension of social benefits will provide income support to the population affected by the pandemic coronavirus, said to RIA Novosti, the expert of the International labour organization Ernst Ekkehard.

"it is imperative that the government supported the workers and entrepreneurs to remain afloat. Support those who lose their jobs, and renewal payments for the sick those who are sick, should be supported by the liquidity support and the provision of loans to enterprises. Given the speed with which the crisis unfolds, this must be done without red tape and helping businesses and employees to quickly get access to funds to offset short-term drop in income," he said.

According to him, state support should be directed to the most needy sector, particularly the hotel and tourist business.

"In this regard, proposed by the President of Russia the expansion of social benefits provides support incomes", he added.

At the end of March, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the extension of economic support measures during a pandemic COVID-19. In particular, payments will be held for children from three to seven years for the temporarily unemployed, those who have lost their jobs and turned to the employment service after March 1 will be able to receive unemployment benefits on the top level in the amount of the minimum wage, are automatically extended for at least three months validity of passports, driving licences and other identity documents.

Small and medium businesses will be able to delay the payment of insurance contributions to social funds for six months. Putin also proposed to provide direct financial aid of the state to small and medium businesses affected by pandemic. As explained by the head of state, the subsidy will be assessed depending on the number of employees in the company at the rate of 12 130 rubles per employee per month.

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