Evalar began production of antiseptics

the spread of the coronavirus has made a necessity antiseptic for hands and household items. In this regard, a pharmaceutical company Evalar – converted their production capacity and is already producing products, so that waiting people.

the New antiseptic is produced on the line for the production of alcohol-containing cosmetic products. Starting a line from scratch would be difficult and would take a lot of time, because it would require obtaining special licenses. Fortunately, the “Evalar” all tolerances have already been, and therefore to master the new production has managed in record time – less than a week. The company has everything you need: license the Net, production line, raw, professionals.

– Today capacity can produce up to 30 thousand bottles of antiseptic in the day – says the Deputy Director for production Dmitry Inozemtsev. – If need more, we will consider purchasing additional equipment.

Alcohol-containing antiseptics will be produced in three forms: antiseptic sprays, gels sanitizer and solutions. Now production capabilities allow us to produce up to 1.2 million packages every month. Most of the production of the first batches produced by the company transferred free of charge to the bodies of social protection

the Altai territory and Moscow for distribution among the population and volunteers.