Evacuated from China the Russians will be quarantined in the Tyumen region

Russians and foreigners evacuated from China due to the outbreak of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, quarantine in Tyumen. About it told the Vice-Premier of Russia, head of the operational headquarters of the government for combating coronavirus Tatyana Golikova.

Wuhan, Hubei province 147 Moscow evacuating Russians and citizens of the EEU and Ukraine, reports “Interfax”. Evacuation is carried out by the aerospace defence forces. Wuhan has eliminated two of the five military transport aircraft Il-76MD. The Board will rise in addition to the Russians, ten citizens of Belarus and one Ukrainian, one Armenian, and three Kazakhstani citizens.

From the called coronavirus pneumonia in China died of 425 people, the number of cases exceeded 20 thousand 400 people. In Russia detected two infected. Both Chinese citizens. One case of infection in the TRANS-Baikal region, one in the Tyumen region. Contacts people also admitted to hospital for quarantine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Russia will win the coronavirus in the same way as she defeated the Ebola virus and developed a vaccine.