The 57-year-old with a PhD historian is running as a candidate in the fall for both chambers. First and foremost, Eva is aiming for, but the successor to her party colleague, Anita Fetz, who is representing the Canton of Basel-city since 2003, in the Council of States and is now no longer a candidate.

Eva Herzog is part of the red-green dominated the Basel government since 2005 and leads since then, the Department of Finance. The SP-wife has since he came to power with black Numbers, where you budgeted in each case careful and then very good bills and also the debt reduction drives.

A deficit had to cope with Duke only in 2016 due to a Reform of the state pension Fund. Its good financial situation thanks to the city of Canton, however, only financial Director. The reason for the Surplus part in the three-digit million amount, the gushing tax revenues, including the pharmaceutical industry,

Duke took from the beginning a prudent and sustainable fiscal policy, which was attested also by the bourgeois opponents. Several times she managed, in the case of important transactions, the entire political spectrum, suggesting there will be a compromise, this last at the cantonal implementation of the tax-AHV-submission of the Federation (Staf), which was adopted on the weekend.

A name as a financial politician has made a Duke at the national level. She is Vice-President of the conference of Cantonal Finance Directors and the President of the Federal Commission for the harmonization of direct taxes of the Confederation, the Canton and the municipalities (KHSt).

That Duke is after your resignation from the seven-member Basel government without a political office there, is not to accept. Your chances of being in the Council of States elected, are large. As for the Bourgeois, the initial position is bad because you can agree on a single common against candidacy have. The SVP, which competes with its own candidate is care.


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