“The discussions with the health boards had been very chaotic, I think they’re very overwhelmed,” not told to eve in the interview and adds: “You also get really a Test, it is not enough, that one was with an infected Person, but it is important that you also have the symptoms.”

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And symptoms had Eva Benetatou some, as she explains: “I have to say that I initially had extreme symptoms. In this respect, the man had joint pains, eye pain, sense of smell is lost and the sense of taste loss. You will feel a cold, but it is not to catch a cold, the nose is, but somehow also not. The has subsided but then the weekend again, some symptoms come back again.“

your mom helps you

lucky you don’t have to spend the days alone, but with her fiancé Chris: “We make the home as beautiful as possible. There is always a lot to do. The budget, mucking out, I love to draw, I sing, and I like to dance, I let the head hang.“

the help you get from your mother and your friends: “at this time, you realize how important this is, what a wealth and luxury it is to have his health and his loved ones. My mother supports us, which for us is shopping. Friends of mine also help us.“

“the end of the week, on Friday, may I get out again, as my quarantine period is over, I would definitely make again with a Text and would then have to be negative,” says Eva.

Who wants to see Eva in Action, the should today turn on the evening at 20:15 clock “celebrities under the palms” on Sat1, she is one of ten candidates in the new Reality show.

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