Although, as you know… the Contrast between “duck” and “drain” are as striking as our reality and our Constitution. In the case of “duck” – the same “lie”, in another – prematurely issued a secret. Another option is the hype and banter, as the title “Tears on my failures” in the context of Sasha Panayotov, long-suffering over the years of unsuccessful attempts to infiltrate into the coveted Performed (about what repeatedly wrote “ZD”), mocking looks funny if it is certainly not seriously suffering the autobiographical ballad from the inside out wounded soul. But then if I reach them this “inside” at Eurovision, considering that the song stated in the Russian language?

And why, by the way, in Russian? There were examples: Kirkorov and Pugacheva, and even t.A.T.u but with the first two it happened in antediluvian times poloveckogo “Eurovision”, when the rules demanded of singing in the language of their country, and in the case of t.A.T.u (2003) the status of the world’s pop stars had allowed them then to poison any nonsense, even though “don’t Trust, don’t Fear, don’t Ask”, but one no-no – their signature kiss. Soon, however, and it is taboo Eurovision waved his hand, surrendering the fundamental values of inclusive tolerance, and on the stage of the competition already kiss all and Sundry. And “tattoo” in Riga was banned. The poor man ahead of his time.

the reference g-on Gutseriev gives a kind of reasoning solidity of the idea, because back in October we discussed with the poet in “MK” the potential songs from his pen to evrokonkurs, and he was embarrassed that he writes only in Russian, not knowing that not only English can be speak at the “Eurovision”. And everything seems to be in such “informational” duck-the sink has now one harmonious flourish.

Ukrainian Go-A

Especially in the context of Ukraine, this eternal pain home propaganda, commemorated at the Federal waves pomace of the Lord in vain, because the Ukraine at this time, too, to show off, and instead of a whole bunch of very cool artists to be chosen for the national selection pop-folk group with an almost Indian name Go-A, which will also try to conquer the European musolin on Ridniy movi song “Nightingale”. And we can’t keep up with Ukraine… Unless, of course, all are not misled card some conditional #polisaharida that the Joker suddenly took from his pocket the TV itself to the universal grief paniatowski fans, almost already rushing to the airport with flowers and blue handkerchiefs to accompany the pet on the coveted lists.

Given that more than half of the 41 participating countries, including such prominent eurogroove as Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland, Ireland, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, San Marino, etc., are also not announced until now its members, in the next week, when according to the regulations the deadline occurs, can be all sorts of surprises and our euroindicators. Then it will become clear how deeply in January looked in the water folk composer of Igor Krutoy, when told about the odds Panayotov on “90 percent”.


Meanwhile, on Saturday, February 29, at 100 percent it will clear Eurocucina for this year Philip Kirkorov, this touching Mr. Eurovision. Already, in fact, is not very clear – whether he could not without competition, or competition without it is not a competition… whatever it was, but realizing that in the native marsh this year, not to make money, and half dead leech, Phil long tradition pricked up skiing on nearby neighbors, along with his highly experienced Greek-cosmopolitical DreamTeam – “dream Team”.

Philip and Natalia Gordienko

Waking together with a long ceritera eurovisin hits composer Dimitris Kontopoulos your songwriting gift, Mr. Kirkorov was taken under the wing of the Moldovan singer Natalia Gordienko hit with Prison. Saturday once again and will host the final round of the national selection in Moldova with the participation of 20 candidates. Phil confessed, “ZD”: “We are of course hoping for success, she is a great singer known by the “Eurovision”, and as a member of the “New wave”, “Slavic Bazaar”… But this year is very strong and competitive selection in Moldova, not like in 2018, when we put DoReDos, then, of course, easier. So we’re all on the nerve…”. In Lisbon in 2018, a smash hit and catchy number My Lucky Day performed by DoReDos took 10th place and became one of the most recognizable hits of the contest.

photo: Arthur Gasparelli Vajkule and UCU Suviste

But Phil’s not tricky folds in one basket two eggs. In store he has a purebred Estonian horse UCF Suviste with the song of the same Mr. Kontopoulos What Love Is. Clear as day: just Kontopoulos, that means a man somewhere in the Bush lurking… In Tallinn this Saturday the 29th will also be the final of national selection, and UCF has to go to the audience award favorite. “MK” wrote about the special attention that the handsome guy had last year at the festival in Jurmala Laima Vaikule. He is known to Russian viewers as Ani Lorak as Nastaunity brought the handsome baritone to creative, figuratively speaking, an orgasm – that is, until the final one of the recent seasons of “the Voice”. Now, therefore, and Phil put his black eyes on the North star. Tear the guy to pieces.


However, all the above daring design can kryaknuta to hell because of the treacherous coronavirus. The outbreak and the panic that started in Italy and other European countries, has caused serious concerns about the prospects of holding “Eurovision” in may in Rotterdam. The insidious habits creeping virus already made a couple of days ago issuing warnings leading Dutch virologist Abba Osterhouse: “If the spread of the coronavirus will not be brought under control in the coming months, it is not feasible to bring in Rotterdam a lot of people from all over the world”.

the Power of Rotterdam, in turn, believe that at the moment it is too early to talk about the sad scenario when competition can be waived, but such conversations among the Eurovision community are every day becoming more apocalyptically character. Shout Wiwibloggs Eurovision community already simulating different scenarios, including cancellation or postponement of the event, the performance of the contestants on an empty stage with no audience, like a football matches in Italy, or broadcast from a private TV Studio. Jokers even offer the option of competition at all on Skype – cheap, cheerful and no infection.


Meanwhile, in the native land, where the years of secret operation, which had become secretive almost to the level of state secrets “elections” of participants, becoming more tragicomic tradition, on the theme “Eurovision” was hispanola avant-garde underground group “Rabfak”, famous not only excellent roK-roll drive, but boldly satirical paintings on the burning topics of local reality.

Group “Rabfak”

the band released the song and video clip “Eurosign our”, where the image of militant jingoistic patriots under the heavy guitar riffs minted heroic verse, like “Evrovizhen, evrovizhen, the West needs to be humbled, must be offended enemy checked Office every chord, give the victory, hurrah, lads!”. The pervasive theme of “office” is heightened by the caption “FSO, FSB, the Federal penitentiary service, REGARDIE and other polite people, with the participation of the state Duma present its candidate for Eurovision”.

Like the desperate surfers “workers ‘ faculties” always catch the wave on the verge, and sometimes beyond equilibrium. Sophisticated exaggeration of the cliches of propaganda, disfiguring mass consciousness looks in the video, sometimes not so much funny, how scary – so sur – and SOC-realistic other passages, including the attached to the release of “a Petition” calling “in all seriousness” to legislate for the security forces the selection of candidates for “Eurovision” from Russia. One never knows, is not very critical man in the street will take everything at face value, but as we begin to collect signatures.

With questions about where you can have such fun with the games, “ZD” asked the ideological and artistic mastermind behind the “Rabfak” Alexander Elinu, poet-songwriter, writer and producer, nachinayuschemu among other things, a scattering of lyrics to heavy metal netinkama “Aria” and “Master”, including “Will and Mind”, “get up, Overcome Fear”, “Here Forge Metal”, “Who are You?” and so forth.

Sasha, what, in your opinion, impressionfliteline listeners will take your song and a “petition” at face value?

– I’m still mentally healthy to do such calculations, I’m sorry for not saying chetyrekhtomnym pentameter. However, for this audience there is a storehouse of uplifting meanings.

– And if this petition really rack up the votes?

– Then it will be necessary to make a proposal at the legislative level, on the nomination for the “Eurovision” only the security forces, since they make we and governors, and all the rest. It is necessary to bring the story to the grotesque. The law of the genre “Rabfak”.

You are there, watching, and homophobic bigots with decent respect, propescia “squeaky namby-pamby effeminate” and “naselennyh glamorous instaclock”. I’ve started to remember who from us in the past decade ignited at Eurovision – Bilan, Cash, Vorobyev, Lazarev, Garipova, Gagarin, Samoilov…

– Not important specifics. We’re talking cliches, make fun of them, including the information clichés, images. Be surprised if someone decides to take it personally. Although I have long been surprised at nothing.

– As he once thought, closed or open should be a selection for “Eurovision”?

– I deeply on the drum. I wonder, to have the “Rabfak” was a good show. It is important to catch the hype on some stories. Eurovision I often don’t see, but it excites people and it can be represented as a topic at our concerts. And so I hang on different progressive music forums, I am very concerned about the jazz lately. As for the Eurovision, since we ourselves raised this issue in our new opus, I always understood that it is still not the theme music, and the theme of “support”. Nobody cares: a good song or bad, you then sell a record or sell. Important winwhether our or not our. But the idea of the selection should be some kind of public interested, mass. People who care about Eurovision, it would be probably interesting. This is an important element of participation, which now they are deprived.

– I Hope that your promises will listen?

– Our mission is not to change something, and people a little bit from schizophrenia were cured.

You are so “gravely” referred to in the credits on the FSB. And how will cause the Lubyanka but will say: “Listen-look, we are here for you and decided not to send any earnest and “Rabfak” in “Eurovision”?

– Then we will promptly write out all budgets and offer a choice of two new songs that we have now: “security officers” and “Elders”…