Strenuous days for this year’s hope at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), Luca Hänni (24): Already on the next Sunday, he flies to the venue to Israel to get his Song “She Got Me” a good placement for Switzerland. Now the last sample days for the appearance of 16. May, in the case of the Hänni of two dancers, two dancers and background singers will be supported. With: David Lei Brandt (32), of white, what it means to perform in front of a large audience.

samples were Hänni like in the case of Lady Gaga

The American was from 2012, for five years one of the principal dancers of American singer Lady Gaga (33), went with her on world tours and performed at their legendary Superbowl half-time show in the year 2017. The sports Event is followed in the US by around 115 million people, the Eurovision Song Contest has, in the finals a rate of up to 200 million viewers.

“The sample time is as demanding as in the case of Lady Gaga,” says Brandt to VIEW. Five hours should be sung every day intensively and danced in order to achieve the best possible result. Against stage fright, he has a good recipe: “Directly in front of the Show, I’m going to meditate for twenty minutes, and me on the appearance focus. Then I will fuck around with the Team a bit around, which is good for the positive energy and calms the nerves, just before we go on stage.”

The Swiss’s chances are as good as a long

Also, for Hänni, the final stage is hard, “to sing, especially at the same time, and dancing is a big challenge,” he says. But: “We have achieved in the last few weeks, great progress. I feel very comfortable.”

Shortly before the departure the chances of the Swiss contribution are not so good: The “American idol”2012 winner, the odds on the fourth rank, in Fan reviews is Hänni constant among the five best titles. The Bernese Beau is good things for his performance in the second ESC semi-final from 16. May (21 Uhr, SRF zwei): “can I expect the energy of the live performances.”