the Organizers of the musical contest Eurovision-2020, which was planned to be held in may in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, decided to cancel the event. This is due to the spreading pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. To cancel the tender according to the European broadcasting Union (EBU).

“Over the past few weeks we have considered many options for Eurovision. However, the uncertainty caused by the spread of COVID-19 across Europe, and the restrictions imposed by the governments of the participating broadcasters and the authorities of the Netherlands forced the EBU to make the difficult decision to cancel the event,” the message reads.

the organizers of the contest, spent the last 64 years, stress that “along with millions of fans around the world deeply saddened” by his charge. It is expected that the competition will take place later, in 2021.

Earlier it was reported that Russia at the Eurovision song contest-2020 will represent the freak-rave group Little Big. The band describes their style as satirical art collaboration, and plays the clips and songs of stereotypes about Russian.

In an interview with “Billboard” in 2016, the group leader Ilya Prusikin said that the target audience of the team are foreigners. According to him, Europe’s satire in the songs of Little Big is well understood, while many Russians somehow believe that the group defamed the country.

Little Big famous for their viral hits, one of which is Skibidi became a world sensation, which scored 23 million views on YouTube in just a week, and to date, the video has already been seen by over 350 million users.

Win the Eurovision song contest-2019 was won by a singer from the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence with the song Arcade. From Russia in the competition was attended by Sergey Lazarev. He took third place. Prior to that, he represented Russia at the competition in 2016 and also employmentl third place win in the audience voting.