But first, the EMU still has explained why only 59 days until the Grand final, decided to cancel “the Eurovision”. And you have not done this in advance, as in the case with many world tours or European championship in football?!

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Over the last few weeks we have studied many alternatives to allow song contest “Eurovision” to still be (considered, including the possibility of holding it without an audience – approx. ed.), – stated in the message of the European broadcasting Union. But the uncertainty caused by the spread of COVID-19 across Europe, as well as the restrictions imposed by the governments of the participating broadcasters and the authorities of the Netherlands indicate that the European broadcasting Union (EBU) made the difficult decision not to conduct live webcast of the event as planned.

Next come the fair compliments to themselves: “We are very proud that the competition brings together spectators every year for the past 64 years without a break. And, like millions of fans around the world, we are extremely saddened that he is unable to be held in may 2020…”

And a clarification about what will happen next: “Soon, EBU, NPO, NOS, AVROTROS and Rotterdam (where the contest should go in the next year – approx. ed.) will continue the conversation about the conduct of the song contest “Eurovision” in 2021. We ask you to exercise some patience as we work on the consequences of this unprecedented decision and wait patiently for further news in the coming days and weeks. And I would like to commend the whole team of the leading broadcasters in the Netherlands from 41 countries. After all, they worked so hard preparing for “Eurovision-2020”.

Well, end so sad although the long anticipated news the European broadcasting Union chose on a positive note:

And although we are deeply saddened by the fact that the competition will not be able to be held in may, but we are sure that the whole family of “Eurovision” around the world will continue to provide love and support each other in this difficult time.


Questions from the fans of Eurovision, especially for those who have already bought tickets or paid for the hotels, but still. And the European broadcasting Union tried to answer the most pressing and complex.

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Why not still hold at least a stream, without spectators in the hall?

EVS: due to the increasing spread of coronavirus COVID-19 across Europe, and due to the restrictions imposed by the governments of the participating broadcasters and the authorities of the Netherlands, we decided that a live webcast of the event is also impossible.

Why not move the contest to a later date?

EVS: the Current situation in Europe is likely to remain uncertain in the coming months. So while we can’t guarantee what will happen to organize an event of this magnitude and with so many stakeholders later this year.

moreover, in this case (if we imagine, for example, that the pandemic will end in the summer or fall – approx. ed.) would hurt competition and future-2021. After all, if the winning broadcaster will have to cook for him too hastily, under time pressure.

Do not you could hold a contest without an audience?

EVS: We are closely following the advice of the relevant authorities to protect the health and wellLucia for all citizens. Restrictions in the Netherlands the collection of a large number of people and international travel restrictions mean the event, even without spectators, it is currently impossible (behind the scenes during rehearsals and the competition is going, as a rule, a minimum of one and a half hundreds of people: participants, their costume designers, makeup artists, administrators, technicians… Yeah in the hall must run numerous TV – their total number will exceed the rules set now in the Netherlands – approx. ed.).

Why you couldn’t host a show remotely?

EVS: It’s in the DNA of “Eurovision”: assemble a delegation of artists and their fans together in one place. In our traditions and ensuring equal conditions for all on the same stage that each participant had the same conditions in order to show off!

Photo credit: Ekaterina Chesnokova/ RIA Novosti because of the coronavirus MIFF postponed indefinitely

the Unique format of the song contest as an international “live” event means that it is impossible to find him another realistic alternative. There is no substitute for a competitive spirit when you go on stage. Therefore, we have no other choice but to cancel the show.

whether in “Eurovision-2021” to participate executors and songs declared for this contest?

EVS: This should be discussed with the reference group and the participating broadcasters. About the decision we will inform later.

What do we do if we already bought the tickets?

EVS: You will be informed as soon as possible. Among other things, we’ll see returnto Amati money for already purchased services or those tickets will remain valid until next year. All those who have already purchased them will soon receive email with instructions.

While we are considering various options. As soon as we have more information we will inform you further on the portal songfestival.nl.

if you have Selected the date for the holding of “Eurovision”-2021?

EVS: it is still too early to discuss any specific questions concerning an upcoming event next year.


In fact, before. Are not yet clarified and more pressing issues. For example, if you bought for the flight Rotterdam, the so-called “non-refundable” ticket, who is your money back for the incident of force majeure? And whether to accept the claim of the airline?! All that remains to be solved…