Many businesses, and the self-employed to break because of the impact of the Corona-crisis, especially in Europe, orders and sales your way. A sector at least economy: fraudsters do business with fear, warns the European police authority, Europol, in The Hague. Catherine De Bolle, the Director of Europol said today that it was amazing the speed with which Criminal of your fraud models are developed: “While many people fight against the crisis and help Victims, there are Criminals who exploit the crisis. We can’t accept. Crooked shops during a health crisis are particularly dangerous and can endanger human life.” Europol coordinated the police authorities of the EU and for cross-border investigations responsible.

fake drugs

Europol warns of counterfeit medicines offered on the Internet for purchase. In a worldwide manhunt action in 90 countries, together with other police authorities have identified more than 2000 web sites on which effects lots of pills, Sprays or ointments against the Coronavirus have been offered. In the framework of the “Pandea” – called police action, four million units of drugs were seized. It was also to anti-viral drugs or counterfeit Malaria drugs that have no admission made. It is also fake respirator masks were in circulation which were overpriced either ineffective or severe. At the beginning of March of 34,000 of these surgical masks were drawn from paper and woven cloth from the market, says a press release from Europol.

Not only scared private consumers fell to fraudsters, government Agencies, it is sometimes better. In Belgium, the authorities ordered for five million euros, respiratory protection masks with a manufacturer in Turkey, which were never delivered, reported the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir.” The Spanish newspaper “El Pais” wrote citing anonymous sources, the Spanish authorities had used in Madrid 640.000-effect-free Corona Tests. You showed to many negative results. The Test units were obviously from a Chinese company.

EU Commission urges caution

the President of The EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, had already warned on Tuesday in a video message to the EU citizens from Corona fraudsters. Each person must make orders in the network of the seriousness of the provider. Promise, be it to acquire a vaccine for sale, are definitely wrong. If a vaccine is developed and approved, “you will learn the from a trusted source,” said von der Leyen. Governments and public institutions would make the time.

Incorrect employees juggle testing before

The European police authority also warns of an increase in theft and burglaries. Due to the output limitations of many companies and also medical facilities are guarded empty or worse. The Attempts of robbers and fraudsters to obtain access to private dwellings, to be on the increase. The Criminals spend as representatives of the authorities or paramedics that would have to perform a Corona Test or a presence control. The victims would then be distracted and robbed.

Not only in Europe, in the USA there are already problems with fraudulent sites. A company in Los Angeles that registered a new website automatically announced now, Internet sites with the key words “Corona” or “Covid” will no longer be permitted. A judge in Texas had previously initiated at the request of the U.S. Department of justice the closure of a website. There doses for 4.95 US was sold the Dollar, which supposedly originated by the world health organization WHO. The operators of the site wanted to reach through the Cash of the shipping fees to the credit card data from unsuspecting customers.

author: Bernd Riegert

*The post “Europol warns of Corona is swindlers” published by Deutsche Welle. Contact with the executives here.

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