The European law enforcement agency Europol, noted a rapid increase in crimes associated with the global epidemic of feline corona virus. Criminals and organized crime groups have developed their practice can quickly adapt to and take advantage of the crisis, and warned that the European police office. Researchers have found an increasing number of cases of cyber crime, fraud, theft, and the forgery detected.

According to Europol, has been the sale of counterfeit protective equipment, and medicines with multiple has risen since the crisis broke out. Counterfeiters take advantage of the lack of surgical masks and disinfectant gel. In march, a much 34.000-forged, surgical masks have taken on a global politieactie, according to Europol. Also, antiviral medications, and the antimalariamiddel agent and the produce will be distorted.

“This is unacceptable,” said Catherine De Bolle, Belgium topvrouw of the Evaluation. “Such criminal activity during a public health emergency, are very threatening, and it can be a real risk to people’s lives.”

the Criminals

as Europol warns for cyber-criminals. A lot of people are now working from home and dealing with a less well-protected computer that is connected to the networks of the companies or the organisations.

The European police office is expected in addition to the rapid increase in cases of fraud. “Fraudsters in order to have a fast, well-known to be fraudulent systems are adjusted in order to capitalize on the fear and anxiety of the victims of the crisis, what it sounds like. For example, a company with 6.6 million euros, was transferred to another company in Singapore, for the purchase of the equivalent alcohol gels and surgical masks, but the goods are never delivered.

the Misuse

“We are monitoring the situation in the member states of the European Union”, – said in The Round and there sat morning in the Radio 1 . “And so, we see that the pandemic is leading to coronacriminaliteit who took advantage of the fear of the people, and the great demand for information and clarity.”

The most alarming is called The Sphere of the attacks on critical infrastructure, which operations had to be halted in the affected hospitals in the netherlands. “We are also seeing an increase in sites that have child sexual activity. People will sit at home and do not know what to do. Then, it is best to set them up, but it is also the worst. And it seems that more and more went to sites that are sexual abuse of children as well.”

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