Claudius Schäfer is in turmoil. And the CEO of the Swiss Football League is not alone. Also YB-CEO Vanya abomination is concerned. In spite of over 30 million in gross revenue from the Premier class this season. And Sion President Christian Constantin sees our League may be in its foundations shaken: “may endanger the professional football altogether!”

Why? Because the Big are getting bigger. And the Little only crumbs left.

Schaefer announced an impressive number: “From 1992 to 2018, the 14 top clubs have received seven billion Swiss francs by Uefa. The 48 percent of the distributed funds. It remains with the current distribution key, you sack in the six years from 2018 to 2024 seven billion. In just six years! That would be 60 percent of the paid Uefa funds. So it can’t go any further!”

The Little ones are in the Uefa-trap

Uefa have the medium and small countries, with the increase of the team from 80 to 96 lured to qualify for a European Cup group stage. And caught in the trap. “The consequences are catastrophic,” says Schaefer. “The solidarity payments to clubs which do not play European, declined from 8.5 percent during the cycle 2015 to 2018 to 7.3 per cent for the years 2018 to 2021. In the “European Leagues” United leagues want to be now in unison, with an increase to 20 percent.”

That the solidarity was, despite massively more existing funding, even small, is shepherd even more of a thorn in the eye, as these articles of Association in the Uefa as an explicit objective. So, it says that the core sporting values always prevail over commercial ones. And that the Uefa aims at the distribution of the revenue from the football to the principle of solidarity ( … ).

In view of the current Figures are a travesty. “Uefa can be quite a spirit of solidarity,” said Schaefer. “She has established with the Nations League, a competition that is very supportive. In which a small country directly for the European championship finals can qualify.”

“A Million per club would be vital”

The Uefa funds were for a medium-sized club substantially. “How do you Finance a professional operating in Switzerland, if we get the Uefa a percentage is always less,” asks CC rhetorically. “The income from the TV money is much too low. So there needs to be a patron of the arts like me. Otherwise, it is soon clear Light!”

CC times is sure to be a bit of black, believes shepherd. But: “It could go in this direction. We bring to our distribution key with the twenty percent, however, would get any club in any of the group phase, approx. one Million francs solidarity payment. That would be a life important!”

Switzerland is currently in the Uefa Ranking miserable look, don’t be a decisive factor for the shepherd’s anger: “But in the Europa League 2 will also be at 16.30. This is of course pushing.”

What to do? Much more than print, so shepherd could exercise. And hope that even big leagues like the Spanish La Liga are trying to give the idea of Solidarity reprint. Because the majority of clubs in Spain, Italy, Germany and France, belongs also to the category of super.

La Liga, writes: “The new Uefa European Cup model threatens the stability of European football.”

The Ball is in Uefa. And the want to take away the super-rich in the own best interest of course, nothing. On The Contrary.

of The European Cup will be reformed. After 22 years with two competitions there will be in 2022, a third party, this has the Uefa Executive Committee at the 3. December decided. The Reform in the short form:

The third competition after the Champions League and Europa League, has the working title Europe League 2, but still get a sexy name.The number of Teams in the Champions League will remain at 32. The Europa League 1 of 48 reduced to 32 Teams. The Europa League 2 has 32 teams. So new 96 instead of 80 Teams will play European.So the Europa League 2: The eight winners of the four groups qualify for the eighth finals. The two-placed to play against the third in the Europa League and the remaining eight places. The winner of the competition will receive a place in the Europa League 1 for next season.All the Europa League games to climb Thursday. In the Europa League 2 there will be a new face-off time: 16.30 PM!

The lousy Swiss European Cup-balance could have disastrous consequences. Currently, we are in the Uefa Ranking still on # 15. The master gets in there in the second of four qualifying rounds of the Champions League, will have three rounds on the Champions path to survive. The second goes into the first round. The Cup winner has to get through two Europa League qualifying rounds. The usually sheep’s third and fourth three.

we Fall back to rank 16 (which is probably because of either the Croats or the Czechs overtaking should) change for the master of nothing. But for the other Three, because we would of just four European Cup participants. All would have to take the qualification. But the qualification for the Europa League 2! Where, then, is so sexy groups, with Teams such as Torpedo Kutaisi and Zorya Lugansk wait, possibly spiced up with an absolute treat as the Burnley FC. And the Horror-scan time of 16.30.