the U.S. decided to impose sanctions against a number of companies that interact with the Syrian authorities, and jeopardize firms in Europe, as well as persons in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

according to the sources, Washington is conducting an investigation against “international companies linked to the regime”. American authorities intend to cut financial ties between the Syrian authorities and other countries.

In this case, about which companies there is a speech, is not specified. According to the publication, one of them can get in and others working in the field of real estate firms in Europe associated with the family of President Bashar al-Assad. Restrictions can also relate to the “supporters and business partners of the Syrian regime in Lebanon and the UAE.”

In late July, Washington expanded the list of persons with whom U.S. citizens are prohibited from entering into any transaction, and whose property in the US should be arrested. Sanctions threatened and foreigners who interact with people from this list. In particular, under restriction were 18-year-old son of the President. Under the sanctions also got the cousin of the head of state, Zuhair Tawfiq al-Assad, commander of the 1st armored division of the Syrian Arab army. As explained in American Finance, “Assad and his business partners — partners in the destruction of the Syrian economy”.