Europe was lashed by the strongest in 7 years storm

Emergency services eliminate the consequences of the strongest for the last seven years of the storm. Precipitation was accompanied by wind. Hundreds of thousands of residents were left without electricity. And the passengers of flight London — new York has unwittingly set the speed record.

the Passengers of this flight, going to land in new York, still do not know what will become unwitting participants in a new world record. The liner crossed the Atlantic in just 4 hours and 56 minutes. It’s an hour less than standard time.

“Importantly, no thunderstorms, says the pilot of the 1st class, commander Airbus A320 Andrei Litvinov. – When there is a storm, already considered the options of bypass. Of course, with the stock takes of fuel. If the wind is favourable, it uses less fuel. And the plane covers the distance in less time than when the wind counter”.

The British Airways incident was commented frostily. Stated that for them the safety of passengers is paramount. Against this background, the hashtag #BA112 is the number of happy flight — out in the top of Twitter. Thousands of people around the world thank the pilots.

My son was on flight # BA112. He was so happy that the plane could fly at a speed of 823 mph. I think British Airways should reward each passenger flight, a personal certificate.

To record a flight, and who with an almost record breaking. In Western Europe the strongest storm in the last seven years. The most difficult situation is in the UK. Closed bridges, blocked roads, canceled many activities. About 100 thousand houses remained without electricity.

In 42 departments of France operates the orange danger level. Calais closed the beach because of the huge waves. However, the waterfront still the crowd of onlookers.

– Everyone knows about the regime, but there are many people here. They make beautiful pictures.

Destruction in Germany. Gusty winds damaged the roof of the Cathedral in Frankfurt-on-main, which was built in the mid sixteenth century. XAOS and airports in UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands mass transfer or cancel flights.

“by Sunday evening the storm covered the Western districts of France and Belgium, and on Monday the strong winds observed in the Baltic sea region, Northern and Central regions of Europe”, — said the meteorologist, a leading specialist of the Center weather PHOBOS Elena Volosyuk.

the Russian Embassy in Estonia warns compatriots about the impending storm. A strong wind can lead to breakage of power lines and knock down trees. Also those who are in a dangerous time in the region, recommended to stock products and monitor alerts.