Europe urges Britain to divorce

the Chief negotiator for Brexit from the EU, Michel Barnier warned Boris Johnson that the UK needs to respect the independence of the European Union and to recognize the fact that the unit has its own “red lines” in trade negotiations. Concluding the first round of meetings, Barnier warned Johnson that there are “very, very difficult” differences between the parties, while at the same time expires.

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“Let’s avoid misunderstandings, the United Kingdom spent this week a lot of time, insisting on its independence : ladies and gentlemen, no one doubts the independence of the United Kingdom. But we also ask the United Kingdom to respect and our own independence,” urged Michel Barnier.

in itself the above requires no comment. Little who indulged in the illusion that the divorce of the European Union Britain will be a procedure worthy of universal emotion. Observers from the very beginning predicted that many restaurants will pour in heated debates and that the divorce will be undertaking impressively costly for both sides.

the European Union mouth Barnier expressed his unconditional respect for the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, but he stressed that just as Britain puts its own terms for access to its market, the EU sets conditions for the opening of their markets for commodities and services. “The question is not of our mutual independence: actually the question is what each of us will do with our independence.”

Summing up the first starting weeks of negotiations, the chief negotiator said that Britain refused to sign a commitmentin to stay in the European Convention on human rights, and also rejected an agreement that obliges it to “high standards” on human resources, environment and the provisions concerning state aid.

Barnier said: “the United Kingdom informed us that it does not wish to commit themselves formally to apply the European Convention on human rights”. With regard to the provisions on “equal opportunities”, Barnier said that Britain wishes to maintain high standards, while not taking on a legal obligation. Chief negotiator did not hide his surprise that the UK does not want to take formal commitments. “It’s a matter of trust,” concluded Barnier.

the First negative consequences of Brexit experienced French fishermen

Both sides of the negotiators – and they are from two hundred to three hundred officials – well aware that their debates can be called into question in connection with distant epidemic of coronavirus. To the question whether in this situation the talks, Michel Barnier did not give a definite answer, which, however, it is very difficult in the circumstances from someone to expect. However, Barnier added that there are no restrictions on meetings and sessions no. The chief negotiator explained that in the labor room going at most two hundred people, and that will take all the necessary precautions so that the negotiators can continue their work.

Apparently the British side of the negotiators and the EU side this time explicitly reject the traditional hugs, kisses and handshakes, being confined to the impact of the elbow on the elbow.