The European Union will take decisive measures against the US if they did not put an end to the protracted dispute over subsidies to national airlines. About it reports Reuters with reference to the EU Commissioner on trade of Phil Hogan.

According to him, Washington twice rejected proposals for a peaceful settlement of this issue. Hogan also added that the Washington-initiated investigation under article 232 of the law of the United States, allowing the imposition of customs duties to protect national interests, is unacceptable. If the investigation continues, Europe is also not going to back down and will stand together.

The split in transatlantic relations was achieved in 2004. American aviation concern Boeing has proposed to the world trade organization (WTO) allegations against a number of European countries that allegedly violate international agreements and have non-market measures to support his rival — Airbus. Europeans introduced the counter-claims that have unleashed the long-term confrontation.

In October 2019, the WTO adopted a decision according to which the U.S. has the right to impose duties on European goods with a volume of $ 7.5 billion. What punitive measures Europe can take in response to subsidization of Boeing by the US, will be known in September.