In Switzerland, the triggers still puzzled looks, who is wearing a respiratory protection mask. It is usually probably the shame, which makes people hesitate, the masks impose. You don’t want to stand out. It is increasingly clear that the Wearing of protective masks increases the risk you will be sure to be with the Coronavirus infected. On The Contrary. Also the risk of other people Contracting the disease is reduced according to studies.

In cities of Asia, it is currently difficult to find a Person on the street or when out shopping, wearing no mask. It is, of course, to wear a mask. A few years ago you did this during the Sars crisis. In times of bad air to protect themselves with masks against PM2. 5 fine dust particles. Now wearing masks to protect the respiratory tract from the Penetration of the Covid-19 Virus.

experts in Europe, claimed a few weeks ago, the Wearing of respiratory protection masks is pointless. The simple models would not provide a safe protection against Corona, and the better masks should be left to the medical staff, because there were too few of them. Today it sounds quite different.

“European arrogance,”

to reduce The Robert Koch Institute, writes that the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection may be appropriate-to the risk of Transmission of pathogens of respiratory diseases on other people. Also, simple breathing masks, quoted, also, the “mirror” the virologist Alexander Kekulé, could protect self and others Yes, at least something in front of Corona. In particular, the Director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology of the University hospital Halle, if just all the people in Europe would wear masks. As in Asia, where the Virus is spreading much slower than in Europe.

in the Meantime, it is clear that the best strategies to contain the Coronavirus from South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong come. Despite their proximity to China, the origin of the Virus, could prevent these countries have a nationwide spread of lung fever. The countries have quickly taken measures. Unsolicited people wear there since day one of the crisis masks. In Europe, according to experts, could be the pandemic is mild, if Europe would be easier to learn from Asia.

Europe feels that Asia is still superior to what is in the far East as “European arrogance” is known. In times of Corona this arrogance threatens to become a deadly ignorance. Instead of learning from countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, where the community is above the individual, remain fixed in modern, democratic societies of Europe to know it better and to make.

Federal hesitates before protective masks-recommendation

the countries with The thinnest Corona curves are all in Asia. The number of Infected rises at a much slower rate, without a drastic lock downs are required. Among the methods, the infection to flatten out curves, surface Corona Tests, digital Tracking of the Infected, as soon as possible, Isolation of Infected and contact persons, the safety distance of 1.50 meters to other persons as a rule wash moderate hands – and the consistent Wearing of respiratory protective masks in the public space.

None of the individual measures provides an absolute safe protection. But taken together, the measures result in a safety network that provides space for the Virus as little as possible Unfolding, without the need of the economy and public life will be stalled.

Daniel Koch, chief Corona-protectors of the Covenant, see still no clear evidence which would speak for the Wearing of protective masks. It was not used “sure” that the Wearing of masks in China had an impact on the spread of the Virus in China, said Koch to “SRF News”. “In the Asian region will also be worn during the flu season, masks,” explains the head of the division of Communicable diseases, Federal office for health (BAG). “It belongs to the culture.”

cooking in masks, especially secondary protection: “If you wear masks, you get the feeling that it was better protected. And it will likely cause certain people other precautions less well to adhere to: that one washes the hands of a few, perhaps more to the mask and the face holds and, above all, that it is not complying with the distances.” Distance keep, says cook, was the better protection. (kes)