In Russia, the coronavirus came later than in other countries. And so we have the opportunity to study foreign experience of release from quarantine. Moreover, in the US and the EU made mistakes, said the scientists at last Wednesday’s roundtable. They commended the Russian plan to overcome the restrictions, which take into account the epidemiological indicators and the situation in the regions.

Russia has the opportunity to analyze the experience of those countries, before we started to remove coronavirus bans, I believe the participants of the round table, which online conducted an Expert Institute of social studies (AISI). The reason for the discussion was the presentation of analytical review of the “road maps” adopted for service in other States for the release from quarantine.

In this review, the staff AISI summarized recommendations, which in recent weeks has issued policy and epidemiologists in several EU countries – including Germany and France, and the United States, Canada, Argentina and New Zealand.

“in addition, we took into account studies by foreign experts, in particular, the Index of severity of restrictive public policy (Stringency Index), which amounted to Oxford University,” – said the head of the Department for strategic studies and forecasting AISI Ekaterina Sokolova.

Based on survey data, participants of the virtual conference discussed how Russia and the world in General return to normal life after the “special regime”.

“Russia, in our view, operates in the same way as most of the leading countries of the world, – said Sokolov. – At the same time, as noted by the Oxford index, due to the early introduction of restrictions, the curve of distribution COVID-19 in Russia was more flat than, say, in the US, which allowed us to reduce the burden on the health system. Compared to many other countries, Russia managed to prevent the epidemic and eventually reduce mortality”.

“Some of the current European measures and precautions sometimes seem funny and unnecessary,’ said Sokolov, for Example, in Portugal, in kindergartens delivered condition: the children must stay two meters away from each other, each child should only play with one toy all day. And in Germany, for social distancing in restaurants give out hats with the huge brim”.

How Russia and foreign countries plan to withdraw from the pandemic, it is possible to find common features, the expert said AISI. In particular, almost everywhere, the authorities warn that restrictive and preventive measures can be reinforced in the case of new outbreaks.

An example of such tightening has led round table, the head of the expert Council AISI Gleb Kuznetsov.

“Thursday in ��Spain suddenly introduce mandatory mask mode, not only in transport, in the workplace or in the store, but also in the streets, – said Kuznetsov. – I think the organisers had much to early summer: the 40-degree heat is uncomfortable to go to the mask, it motivates people to stay at home.”

However, the decision of the authorities centrally and simultaneously to withdraw its citizens from quarantine has caused serious discontent in many Western European countries, said Kuznetsov.

“First, people vividly and convincingly scared, then not so urge to get back to work”, – said the expert.

As an example, according to Kuznetsov, can be a massive protest British teachers against the decision of the Parliament about the return of schools to normal mode.

“Teachers are wondering why we have to perform feats, while the parliamentarians sitting in quarantine?”, – said Kuznetsov.

In Serbia, the opposition criticized the government because she withdrew too early from quarantine electoral system – parliamentary elections in that country scheduled for June, although the pandemic is still awake, said the Director of the Foundation of progressive politics, Oleg Bondarenko.

“In many countries, where the “weekend events” are fast enough, ratings of the current government, the power that motivates people to go out and work, fall, – said Kuznetsov. – In the same Britain, we see a drop in the rating of the current government with 72% at the entrance to the quarantine to its current 47%. Personal rating of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany has decreased from 90% in March to 60 percent now. The rating of the Polish President Andrzej Duda fell from over 50% to 45%”.

Where at the entrance of the quarantine was not the effect of “rallying around the flag”, where the ratings are not falling, as happens with interest the credibility of the President of France Emmanuel Makron the added AICI.

If the EU “weekend events”, the government often satisfied without taking into account the specifics of the development of a pandemic “on the ground”, causing protests in the United States, you can observe the opposite picture, said the head of the Center for political technologies, Boris Makarenko. In the United States local authority too freely then, to remove or not to remove coronavirus bans.

“Decisions depend on political affiliation. If the Governor is a Democrat (like California or new York), he acts contrary to the line pursued by President Donald trump,” said Makarenko.

As noted by Sokolov, “if we summarize the international experience, we can say: the Russian approach to the removal of restrictions – one of the best international practices”. In her estimation, her role here was played by two circumstances. First, in Russia, the breaks are introduced on the basis of a clear epidemio��logicheskih criteria, not any specific dates (in some countries, industrial production has decided to launch exactly on the 60th day of the pandemic). Secondly, the removal of restrictions is entrusted to regional authorities that take decisions based on assessment of local health officers.

However, the governors are guided by the national plan for the Russian economy from the crisis, says Professor Moscow state University Andrey manoylo, member of the scientific Council under security Council of Russia.

“before coronavirus infection emerged on a plateau, the President set a task to develop a phased exit plan, – the expert reminded. – This goal was quickly realized, as at the Federal level, which were developed for your layout plan, and each region has provided a road map”.

Thus, in contrast to many countries, including European countries, Russia is emerging from a pandemic, “is not improvising, and not messy”, and according to the predetermined line, said manoylo.

It is also important that the Russian leader managed to find the right tone in the addresses to the citizens, the experts said.

“the Rhetoric of many world leaders now sounds pretty bleak, you’ll be dry. One of the exceptions, you can call Vladimir Putin, who expressed empathy, turning “my mother!” to the representatives of risk groups”, – Kuznetsov said.